How to Reduce Shedding in Just 10 Minutes

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For anyone who doesn’t know, I have multiple dogs (4 Pugs and a Hound/Great Dane mix).

Let me tell you how hard it is to keep my house fur-free.

You can buy all the vacuums you want, but it’s near impossible to keep up.

So, what do you do?

You find a good de-shedding tool, that’s what!

When I found this product on Tomoson at a discount in exchange for a review, I JUMPED at the chance!

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

This one came fully loaded! It had the tool, a handy dispenser for garbage bags to collect the hair in and a storage pouch. The smaller bags are extremely helpful. It’s so annoying having to drag a garbage pail over and hoping you get all the hair in.

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

The bag dispenser also had a hook so you could clip it to your pocket, purse or belt loop. So handy!

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina BS World

We brush our dogs fairly often, especially my fluffy one. When he sheds, the hair just comes out in giant clumps. Seriously, you’d never know a little dog could shed so much!

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

Gorgeous, isn’t he? Don’t let that adorable face fool ya.. he sheds like it’s his job! Well, considering Jordan is 13 now, I guess he really doesn’t have much else to do.

He and his fursibs just love to fur up my house.

We did try it on him and WOW did we get a lot of hair! He’s the furriest of them all.

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

Next, we tried it on Mookie, our only non-Senior. Mookie LOVES to be brushed and she could barely contain herself. She thumped her leg and gave kisses to show her appreciation.

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

Considering she has the shortest hair out of everyone, I didn’t expect much from her, but we got quite a bit after just one brush-through.

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

As you can see, jealous Koko lurked in the background while we brushed Mookie, so naturally, we decided to test out on her next. Koko is high-spirited like Mookie when she is getting brushed. As you can see, Mookie and Koko both stalk each other when they’re being groomed 🙂

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

Koko isn’t short-haired like Mookie, but she definitely isn’t fluffy like Jordan. We still got quite a bit of hair from her though.

The little bags really did come in handy. When we were done just with the backs of 3 Pugs, here is what we had:

Pets Brush by DollyPets Review - Tina Bs World

Look at them all, wondering why we have their hair in a bag. Haha!

All in all, I LOVE this brush! After using it a few times, I’ve definitely noticed less hair on my couches. YAY!

If you have any pets whatsoever, I highly recommend this brush!

You can purchase it at the (non-affiliate) link HERE.

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