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This is me, in all my filtered selfie glory. Drink it in, people!

I’m Tina. I’m in my late-30s and LOVE coffee. Seriously, it’s my life. I’m the Social Media Addict, Blogger, Product Reviewer, Professionally Amateur Baker, German-Irish, Chevy Enthusiast, Music Lovin, Volunteer Extraordinaire (yup I’m one of “those PTA people” and I think PTA has gotten a bad rep over the years), Star Wars Fan, Super Proud Nerd/Geek, Creative Crafter and Picture Taker that people seem to love just because I’m funny.

I’m Mom to 10yo Mini (as in Mini-Me, because she’s basically my clone).

I hate to disappoint, but no. That is not her actual name. It’s a nickname.


I’m FurMom to some Pugs and a Hound “pup”

 From Front to Back: Koko, Jack, Jordan, Mookie and Eli. We lost our Cheyenne a couple months ago. This pic is blurry because I couldn’t stop crying as I took it… first one without The Chey.

  • My creative muscles are flexed every year for Mini’s birthday and other events. I’m a theme person. I take a theme and just run with it.


  • I’m the Queen of Weirdo Injuries. No one breaks a knuckle (JUST a knuckle!) in a car accident. Also, no one gets an inch-long splinter UNDERNEATH their fingernail! Neither are good stories, but the injuries are both head-scratchers.


  • My favorite joke is: “Two muffins are in an oven. The first turns to the second and says “Gee it’s hot in here.” The second turns to the first and says “Oh crap! A talking muffin!”


  • I root for the Brooklyn Nets or the NY Knicks (but only when they’re winning – I’m an admitted bandwagoner), NY Mets (I bleed orange and blue!) and NY Giants (I bleed from the agony of how they’ve been playing).


  • Decorating cakes lets me be creative and it’s tons of fun coming up with new or brand-spanking used ideas.


  • Living on Long Island is beachy-keen. There is a beach within a short driving distance.


  • Pinching my finger on a chain as a teen has kept me away from swings.




  • I like things super-organized. I plan everything down to the minute detail and always have back-up plans.


  • I consider myself pessimistically optimistic.. I see great things in my future, but I also see me having a rough time getting there.


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