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February 2017 Photo Challenge: Love

 February’s Photo Challenge was:

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me.. don’t hurt me.. no more. <- Admit it. That was your first thought too!

Love is many things.

Love is checking up on your friends..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..or stalking, whatever. My foster cats are super nosy! They are constantly staring at the neighbors and anyone who happens to pass by.

Love is cleaning off your Mom’s car when it snows..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..especially when you know your mom has arthritis and needs all the help she can get! This pic is super blurry because it was taken through a screen door and zoomed in. We (thankfully) didn’t have much snow this winter, but the one storm we had was pretty bad. Another note: Mini’s winter jacket used to belong to her beloved Great Grandmother, Nanny, and Mini loved wearing it :)

Love is hearts..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..ripped into your pants by one of your Pugs. I can’t say I’m totally mad about the rip though (rest in peace, pants!). It was pretty hilarious!

Love is a hug from one of your besties..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

…and nothing beats a Pug Hug!

Love is ice cream on a warm day..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

…or even a warmISH day. It was around 50 degrees. That’s warm enough for us! By the way, if you’re ever on Long Island, you have GOT to visit McNulty’s. It’s on North Country Rd in Mt Sinai. No matter where you are, it’s totally worth the hike out there!

Now for the bonus shots..

Love is a sweet kiss to help you get through your homework..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Love is subjecting yourself to a silly Snapchat filter because it makes your kid smile..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Love is letting your Senior Pug have your napping pillow..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Last but not least,

Love is the peaceful feeling you get from a clear beautiful sky on a gorgeous day.. 

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

I can’t wait for next month’s challenge!

If you want to link up or try the challenge next month, please go HERE.

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

I have to say I enjoyed this one. The holidays come with their emotional baggage, but are usually a good time. Well, onto the pics!

Tis The Season… for hot soup! Our loaded potato soup, specifically. We start with a potato soup base and add cheddar, bacon bits and grilled chicken chunks. So. Insanely. Good. Also featured? My FAVE iced tea.. Strawberry Half & Half. YUM!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for boots! We purchased Mini her boots for winter and guess what? They are a WOMEN’S SIZE 8!!! Yup, we are in adult sizes now. Shoe shopping just got a bit more expensive!


Tis The Season… for fancy neckware and Christmas-card-worthy pics! The boys are wearing some ties we found at Five Below and the girls are all sporting some scarves we found at AC Moore. Yes, we pretty much deserve a medal for being able to get the dogs to look at us. The secret is to hold a treat right in front of the camera for the dogs to stare at and tell your (wo)mancub to look at the camera and don’t blink! HAHA!


Tis The Season… to paint ornaments! Mini was a bit bored one day so we dug these out of our craft closet, found some paint and VOILA!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for cozy sweaters! Cheyenne just recently turned 11 and we bought her a sweater for her birthday. She has a lot less hair than the other Pugs, so she gets chilly in the winter time. This is our solution :)

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

 Ok, so there are my five. I have three bonus pics for this challenge.

Tis The Season… for jingle bells! This is Biggie, one of our foster cats. We put the collar on him as a joke. He loved it so much that when I tried to take it off him, he hissed and took a swipe at me until I put it back on. Ok then, kitty. Sorry this pic is a bit blurry. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was taking it!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for cuddling with loved ones, resting up for holiday festivities!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for sales on Build-A-Bear bears and it’s always the season for Star Trek anything! Meet our newest addition, Live Long and ProspBear!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

I love doing these photo challenges. If you’d like to link up, check out the challenge HERE.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Mini Monday – Post 13 – Make-up Tutorial

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday! Mine was great. I got some cool new toys and got to see a lot of family. We also went to see Rogue One on Christmas Day. It was SO COOL! I loved it!

One thing I like to do when I’m bored is find a make-up palette and paint my face like a canvas. I haven’t learned much about make-up yet. My mom is not very good at it (even she will tell you that) so I kind of just taught myself.

Here is the palette I used. It is from E.l.f.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Yay for all the pretty colors!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I am taking this very seriously, as you can see!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

My eyes look pretty here. Just sayin.

First, you need to find your tools.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Eyeshadow brush? Check! Professional? No. HAHA they obviously never met me!

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know what “primer” is, so I’m going to assume that since this looks like a lip gloss, it goes on your lips at the end.

The one thing Mommy knows about makeup is that you start with a clean base so I had to use a cleanser wipe to clean my face.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial


Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

*wip wipe* This is serious business.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

EW! I guess my face WAS dirty! Gross. All clean now :)

Okay, now that my face is clean, it’s time to look for a mirror. I was too lazy to get up to find one, but I see that I can see my reflection in the top part of the palette so I’m going to use that. What could go wrong?

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

This is SO going to work!

I play softball and like to watch baseball. I see some of the players do this so I thought under my eyes would be a good place to start..

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

Once I started, Mommy started to snapchat the rest. You will have to excuse her laughing in them. She could barely contain herself. Remember, this is serious business. ;)

So… here is the finished product.

Mini Monday - 13 - Makeup Tutorial

In case you were wondering.. Yes, I AM available for parties!

HAHA! I hope you enjoyed!


Mini Monday – Post 9 – Mars Project

Hello Everyone!

I got a perfect score on my project about the planet Mars and I am so happy!

Our project was making a brochure about whatever planet we wanted to. I love all the planets and I want to visit them all someday. Mommy and Daddy bought me a book called “Earth & Space” because I kept taking it out at the school library. I read the book all the time and love it all.

When I came home with the project paper, Mommy read it to see what information I needed then showed me a lot of brochures. I was excited to do one but I was not happy about all the writing.

Mommy made me feel better by telling me I could use her scrapbook markers. I LOVE those markers!!! They are so pretty and they write so nice. I’m not allowed to use them to color but this was a special project.

I came up with the folding design for the brochure and Mommy was very impressed with me! It is folded not normally.


We had to use a scissor to hold it closed!

My awesome folding:


I bet I blew your mind!

The back.. with my 4/4 score!!


It is like a real ad for Mars!

The most writing was done in the unfolded middle. It was just SO MUCH WRITING!!! I had to put all of the facts and information from the assignment paper into it. Mommy let me decorate the fact dividers. That was so much fun!


I really had a fun time doing this project and I hope you had a fun time looking at my pictures and reading about it!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 5 – Mother’s Day

Hey Everyone!

I tried my best to make my Mother’s Day special for Mommy. I think I did a good job!

I left this sign on the bathroom door so Mommy would see it right away. She loved it!


Mommy gave me half a necklace. She said it was because I have a piece of her heart. The little heart is mine and the big one is hers. I love it!


I gave her a plant we started growing in school, but half the buds are dead already. There is a reason Mommy doesn’t have many plants. She just has bad luck with them.

I filled out some questions Mommy found for me.

*Mommy Note: The first one can be found in the Mother’s Day Questionnaire post HERE at Who Arted? and the second one can be found in a Mother’s Day Printables Packet HERE at Mama’s Learning Corner.*



*Mommy Note: “She talks for British Jack”. Jack is our newest Senior Pug. One night, he was bothering Mini and her father, so I made up this tiny British accent and started speaking for him. My “British Jack” impression is Mini’s favorite thing. She laughs hysterically when I do it!*

We had a yummy dinner of Italian chicken and garlic bread with cheese. For dessert, we had gelato and chocolate chip cookies. I thought I was being funny when I licked my finger and touched the biggest cookie on the plate. I cracked up laughing. Mommy picked up the cookie, licked the bottom and handed it to me. I was not happy. That was so gross. She thought it was hilarious.

I hope you enjoyed my Mother’s Day post and your day was fun.

See you next week!


Secret Outlast BzzCampaign

Through BzzAgent, I was able to participate in a campaign for Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel deodorant.

My first thought? I admit I was a bit skeptical when I received my bzzkit. Does it seriously promise 48 hours of protection? Yep. That would be truly impressive.

I decided to give it a shot the day we raked leaves. It’s gross to admit, but no matter how cold it is outside, I sweat like a pig while doing yard work. This particular weekend, we had the task of raking leaves. I hate raking so I was already pissed off as I headed outside. Add my pain levels and bad back, I was already stressed out.

While I did not get the promised 48 hours of protection, I did get a solid 24 which was impressive to me! Yard work and housework is usually enough to make any deodorant quit, but this one held up! No white marks on my shirt and it dried fairly quick so no goop marks on my shirt either. Oh yeah… and the smell is amazing! It’s a clean scent (which I prefer over a floral or woody type fragrance), but it was really nice.

I have already purchased another Gel and have definitely recommended it to my friends.

Thanks, BzzAgent & Secret!

How’s My Parenting?

If you ask some random people how my parenting is, they will most likely start giving me guff for my decisions, but that’s another post :)

Recently, Kristin over at Blood, Sweat & Cheers! posted about parental performance reviews (Performance Reviews for Parents?!). I saw the quiz she gave her 10yo son and thought I would do the same for Mini (who is 6-thus the spelling errors). I asked her to fill out one for her father as well.

Here is mine:

My Eval

So I’m not like her father, but I’m nice, funny and she loves that I’m her Class Mom.

She’s right – I could be nicer to her father but where’s the fun in that?

She does hate when I clean her ears. She’s a waxer. There’s always a bunch in there so they have to be cleaned out at least twice a week.

“Eli” is our foxhound, Eli-Princess, named by Mini herself after Eli Manning, the QB of the NY Giants. Mini loves it when I let Eli roam free so they can cuddle.

The iPad? Yup. She knows who makes her gift list ;)

Russell is her father. I don’t know why she calls him by his first name sometimes. She does it in cards and notes all the time..

For S&Gs, I had her fill out one for her father as well:

photo 2 (1)

He does get mad a lot. He and Mini argue all the time. #3 is he laughs like a lady. He does have an irritatingly feminine, high-pitched laugh. It’s scary sometimes. He’s a life-long Knicks fan (I’m a Nets fan).

He does let me watch the Mets, provided the Yankees aren’t on.

Mini gets very irritated when he falls asleep because he will do it mid-sentence or mid-game, whenever. I think he has sleep apnea or narcolepsy. He refuses to get it checked.

He does let her raid my Skinny Cow ice cream stash. She’s allowed to have the cones and sometimes the sandwiches. Anything caramel or snickerdoodle is mine though!

Have you ever had a discussion with your kids as to “how you were doing”?

Book Fair Spoils

Last week was Mini’s school book fair. Since I loved reading so much as a kid, I let her go to town picking out books. She was very picky about the ones she found and while others raised an eyebrow at her selections, I wasn’t shocked int he slightest.

She likes her girly books and she likes her books about trucks and big machines. She has quite an eclectic mix of books in her personal library.


Since Mini has discovered Disney channel shows (during certain times.. since they have *ahem* “outages” during shows I don’t like), “Jessie” has become one of her favorites. She was excited to find that one. It’s a chapter book, so we are reading it together. It is basically the first few episodes of the show in story form so Mini is telling me what’s about to happen before I get to that page.

“Silverlicious” is one from the “Pinkalicious” series. In this one, she loses a tooth so Mini was all over that!

“Sofia the First”, “Bubble Guppies” and “Doc McStuffins” are some of Mini’s fave “little kid” shows, as she calls them on Disney Jr.

Then of course, we have “Mighty Machines”, “LEGO Super Heroes Handbook” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. She knows I’m a TMNT fan and she has happily read me that book twice.

Out of all these, guess which ones get read the most? Yup! The last three ones!

There was one book that sold out twice. Thankfully, the woman running the show was able to order more. On another day when I volunteered, I was able to purchase this for Mini:


Since she goes nuts for this game, I was so happy to be able to grab one when they were in stock again. When I showed her after school, she grabbed the book and started jumping and yelling. Ahhh, satisfaction :)

I love book fairs. Sometimes when you order books, you just don’t know what you’re getting even though it might be a familiar character. I prefer looking at them first.

How do you handle school book fairs? Do you participate in them or do you prefer picking out your books at a book store?

Mini Meets Up With Santa

We missed the annual “Breakfast with Santa” at the local Fire Department due to snow :(

Mini was pretty disappointed but understood. Does she believe in Santa? She believes he is a character in books. She doesn’t believe he brings her presents. She figured out that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny *ahem* work out of the same office. She had gone to Walgreen’s with her father that afternoon and low and behold, there’s Santa! Yay!

“Barbie, Bieber and Beyond” has a hilarious post about kids who are not too pleased to be sitting on Santa’s lap. I give these Santas credit for not losing it! Mini is a bit older than those kids, but considering how incredibly shy she used to be, this is great to see. When we saw Santa at the FD’s tree lighting last year, Mini wouldn’t even speak to him. She just nodded at everything he said.

Here is a pic of the pic Mini took with Santa:



It’s a keeper!


I was a hit at the PTA meeting earlier this month.. Well, not me really, but my snacks were!

First, I had “Witch Hats“. These are all over Pinterest! I saw them last year, but didn’t get a chance to make them with the hurricane and losing power and everything. They are super easy to make! I used a slightly different technique than Barbara did on her blog.

You take a fudge striped cookie (I used the ones from the dollar store because they have a smaller hole in the middle), add a dollop of orange “deco icing” then top with a Hershey kiss. Yep, it’s that simple! This is what they will look like:


Next, I made an Oreo-Cookie-Brownie concoction. It’s my go-to because it is easy to put together and everyone loves it. You have probably seen this on Pinterest somewhere:



I love peanut butter, but I have a sister with a pb allergy. You know what she’s not allergic to and we all love? OREOS!

I searched the internet and I don’t remember which site I found it on first (a lot of people make different variations), but here is the recipe: Line a 13×9 pan with parchment paper. Press cookie dough into bottom of pan, evenly, cover corner to corner as best you can (the small tub of Tollhouse or large tube of Pillsbury both work very well). Next, line with Oreos. You should use about 24. Prepare brownie mix according to box directions. I prefer using the cake-like brownie recipe. If you want a gooey finished product, use the fudge recipe. Pour batter over the Oreos, covering them all. Bake at 350 for around 50 minutes. Cool then cut into pieces. This was what my tray looked like:



Last, but certainly not least, I found some cotton candy sugar cookie mix on clearance at Target. The cookies were delicious! The matching frosting was super sweet though (in my opinion). Some people like that, but I wanted people to eat them. Since it’s October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), I decided to break out my icing bag and add the frosting in the form of a pink ribbon. Here is my creation:



I had as much fun making all these as the kids and adults did eating them! Everything was gone by the end of the meeting. I’m on the list for snacks in December. I set the bar kinda high, so I will have to start planning soon :)