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Three Question Thursday 1.12.17


Here are my 3 questions for this week..

1. What are you looking forward to this coming year?

Mini’s first concert! Since all of my younger siblings are out of school now, we haven’t been to any school concerts in recent years. I’m pumped for this coming May!

Just this week, her lessons were increased to two days a week and we got the sheet music home! YAY for no more plucking and random notes.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

2. Has Mini chosen a theme for her birthday party yet?  

Yes, she has! It will be featured in a Mini Monday post very soon! We’re very excited about this one.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

3. Have you finished putting your 2017 Planner together yet??

No. I’m still working on it. I need to find my 3-hole punch. I have a heavy-duty one that is driving me nuts! It just never seems to line up right anymore :(

Here is my cover though.. It is from Scattered Squirrel, who has a TON of amazing FREE printables so definitely check that site out.

I added the 2017 and my name.

Sometimes, my questions have short answers :)

Have you been asked any good questions recently?

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

Here’s my three..

1. If you played for Major League Baseball, what would your walk-up song be? 

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

I can’t tell you how much this stumped me. I thought about it for days, weeks even…

What song describes me?

What song would get me pumped up to hit a home run?

What song comes in clutch when I need motivation?

I’d have to have a list to pick through. It’s impossible for me to pick just one or even three! I would have a roster-size rotation of songs (for non-baseball fans, that is either 25 or 40).

Here are a few I’d choose, in no particular order:

  • DMX – “You Could Be Blind”
  • New Kids on the Block – “Remix (I Like The)”
  • Jamie Foxx – “Winner”
  • JC Flow – “Doin Me”
  • Curt Chambers – “Digging For Gold”
  • Johnny Cash – “Rusty Cage”
  • Backstreet Boys – “Show Em What You’re Made Of”
  • Rod Stewart – “Human”
  • Jussie Smollet – “Battle Cry”
  • Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”
  • BoyZone – “Who We Are”

Google them all. Or YouTube them. Spotify. Whatever.

2. What are you looking forward to in the next month? 

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

My birthday. I don’t relish the faces people make or the reactions I get when I tell people my birthday is September 11th, but it is what it is. I’ll be 35 on Sunday. No, my age doesn’t bother me. I’m good with it. There’s plenty of other things in the world that bother me. I guess you could say I got 99 problems, but my age ain’t one.

3. What’s your fave breakfast? 

It’s a toss-up. I love plain ole Cheerios with bananas and milk.

I also love challah bread french toast. One of my local diners makes it and it’s simply divine!

That’s my list.

Have YOU been asked anything cool recently?

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

My three questions for the week:

1. What do you want for your birthday? 

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

My birthday is a month from today. It’s weird getting questions like this when you’re an adult.

What do you really tell people?

All I want is the same cake I get from Benkert’s Bakery (located in Centereach, NY – worth the drive no matter where you live!). It’s a triple chocolate fudge cake. I only have it once a year. I wonder why :)

2. Why was Pluto demoted? 

Mini is really stuck on this whole Pluto thing! I get tired of answering the same questions over and over, so I told her to do a little research on it.

She comes back with “It’s a planetoid now, which has the word planet in it. That means it’s a planet.”

You know what? I’m going to give her this one.

Let her future Science teacher reason with her :)

3. Who do you consider a role model? 

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

There are many people who do good in this world.

They donate their money and time to charity.

They use their voices for good, not evil.

They make the most of a bad situation.

I commend them all. Truly, I do.

For me personally? It’s that beautiful woman in that picture. My Grandmother, “Nanny”.

Nanny lived her life in service to others. In her later years, she was a Senior Companion. If you asked her what she did, she would tell you “I take old ladies shopping.” The kicker? These ladies were younger than she was!

Even in her passing at the age of 93, she was still in service to others. Nan donated her body to Science. I always told her they might find the fountain of youth in her. She said to me, “Good. then I can haunt you people forever!”

She didn’t judge. She said our lives are our lives. It wasn’t up to her to judge one way or another. She gave her opinion when asked… or even when not. She made the typical old people jokes (along the lines of “Quiche ya? I hardly know ya!”), but sometimes she came out with the funniest one-liners (as previously mentioned in her comment about haunting us).

For instance, another extended family member complained all the time. Nanny referred to her as “Moan-a”. She would hilariously mutter it under her breath when the other family member started in on whatever. I’d have to hide my face and stifle my laughter.

When my sister once took Nan to the ER because of a nosebleed, the nurse asked her if she snored. Nan’s response? “I don’t know. I’ve never stayed awake to check.”

She will always be my role model. I aspire to be like her.

So I ask all of you…

What do you ask for when your birthday comes around?

What are your feelings on Pluto?

Who do you look up to?

Mini Monday – Post 8 – Revenge of the 5th: More Bday Pics

Mini Monday also happens on a Thursday this week :)

Hello Everyone!

I promised you some pics from my Star Wars bday party of the food. My parents came up with some great names for the food and drinks. They don’t know if anyone else has used these names because they didn’t have time to Google it.

They started by downloading a free Star Wars font they found on the web and used up a LOT of black and yellow ink and lots of tape.

First here is the food:

20150613_150753 20150613_150802 20150613_150819 20150613_150841 20150613_152109

And now, the drinks:

20150613_131228 20150613_131933 20150613_132526 20150613_133134 20150613_133930

We had a few activities too. One was Pool Noodle LightSabers. You take a pool noodle and cut it in half. You use gray and black tape to make it the way you want. It was so much fun!

People forgot to take them home!

People forgot to take them home!

Another activity was Make Your Own R2 Unit. Mommy printed them out on all sorts of colors so people could choose their favorites.

Link tutorial:

Link tutorial:

Yes. Epic, my party was. Haha I love Yoda. I can’t wait to see all the cool things Mommy comes up with for my bday this year!

See you next time!


Mini Monday – Post 7 – My Bday Pics: May the 4th Be With You

Mommy Note: We know it is not Monday, but it IS Star Wars Day so Mini Monday comes on a Wednesday this time around. :)

Hi, Everyone!

I am turning 9 next month and I am so excited! This year, I chose to do a football theme for my bday because I like sports and football is fun to watch. Go Giants!

Last year, I had a Star Wars theme bday party. I waited until now to share some pics with you and I hope you enjoy them.

My nails came out awesome! My Mommy showed the lady what symbol I wanted and she did a great job painting it on. 20150613_122833

Mommy found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest and I think the StormTrooper marshmallows came out great! They tasted great too!

Tutorial Link:

We had an awesome StormTrooper cutout for the front yard directing everyone to the back! The dress was from Zulily. The sass is all mine!


I could NOT believe how big this balloon was!!


My birthday banner and the cool nickname my parents and I came up with..


We made lightsabers out of pool noodles.


One of my cakes was Darth Vader’s face.


My other cake was a Yoda in Degoba diorama but it was very hot and the cotton candy was sticking together and melting.

Tutorial Link:

My parents came up with a bunch of cool names for the food and drinks, but we will post that tomorrow in our Revenge of the 5th post.

I had a great time and can’t wait for my party this year!

See you next time!


Getting Older Doesn’t Phase Me

NaBloPoMo asks if you’re okay with getting older of if you’re fighting it.

“Do not fear growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” – Unknown

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing UP is optional.” – Chili Davis

It’s pretty safe to say I’m the only one I know in my age group that didn’t care about turning 30. Most people were so depressed, they stayed in bed for days or cried about it or threw fits (yup). Some turned 28 or 29 multiple times.

You know you’re going to get older. No amount of bitching and moaning is going to stop it. In fact, when you’re out at a bar or a restaurant with your “Dirty 30″ crown and/or sash and you’re throwing a tantrum because of your age, you look stupid. Very stupid.

When I tell people I have no problem aging, they tell me to wait until my body feels old. My body has felt “old” since a car accident messed me up when I was 22. Age has nothing to do with that. I’m also told to wait until I hit 40. My attitude will not change. I feel bad for people who hate their age. They’re missing out!

My guess is people see ages as deadlines. “I need to do this by the time I’m 30 (or 40 or so on).” I get that, but truth be told, I’m not where I wanted to be at 33. Am I where I “thought” I would be at my age? Absolutely not! That doesn’t change the fact that time is still marching on. I can either accept it or complain about it. I’ve chosen to accept it.

Bottom line is: I don’t care about getting older and quite frankly, you shouldn’t either!

Six Going On SevenTEEN!

Mini’s 7th birthday is coming up in June. I prefer to slowly take a few months to plan it than to plan everything in a few weeks. I make a bunch of decisions in January then slowly buy all the decorations and invites.

Since invites go out in early May, we usually hammer down a wish list by the end of April. Basically, it’s her Christmas wish list, just modified. Some family and friends send the gifts as soon as the invites are out so it’s best to have it done.

Mini decided to get a jump on this. The ad from Bed, Bath and Beyond (my Mothership!) came in the mail today. Usually, Mini pays it no mind but today she was extremely interested in it. I walked into the kitchen to make myself some coffee and by the time I came back, Mini had the ad open. Marker in hand, she was busily circling things. When she got to the back cover, she looked at me and smiled “I’m done.”

Me: “Done with what?”

“My birthday list. Can I have my list here instead of Toys R Us?”

I start laughing then I realize she’s serious. “Why?”

“You can’t get my favorite candles and all this cool stuff at a toy store.” She’s referring to Yankee candles, which we smell every time we’re there but we only purchase the littles for the car.

“Oh really.. And what do you want?”

“Don’t worry. I circled everything.” She hands me the circular, beaming.

Here is her list:

  • The NINJA Professional Blender (apparently my 3yo NINJA isn’t good enough anymore)
  • ProGlass Food Storage Set (because my Tupperware is outdated too)
  • BluApple (she consumes fruit pretty quick so we don’t even need this)
  • Charles Viancin 11″ Dahlia Silicone Lid (because using a dinner plate to cover a serving bowl is so unrefined for her tastes)
  • Crosley Culinary Prep Kitchen Cart (I was told I will find room for this)
  • K-cups and SodaStream mix refills (we have plenty of both)
  • Memory Foam HD Kitchen Mat (I like the one I just got thanks)
  • Yankee Candles (she’s picky about scents but she likes the color of the one in the ad)
  • Stretch Sterling Furniture Cover (so she can cuddle with the dogs and not worry about hair on her bed, which the dogs aren’t allowed on anyway)
  • Seven different sheet sets (I’m allowed to narrow it down to “3 or 4″. Gee thanks kid!)
  • 60-pair Commercial Grade Rolling Shoe Rack (my shoe tree is so small)
  • Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop (because my mop is so old-fashioned)
  • SureFit Pet Furniture Cover (for the couch in the den)
  • Large Pet Bed (when Eli-Princess stops eating beds, we’ll get her a new one – no sooner!)
  • Glass Body Analysis Scale (she wants her own glass scale – the white one I have in the bathroom is “dirty”)
  • OXO Strong Hold Suction Grip Bar (to help her in and out of the shower)
  • Elysburg 3 Light Vanity Fixture (“for my desk – so I can see what I’m coloring” For $150, this light better color FOR you as well!)
  • Kids Sling Chair (because the patio furniture I have isn’t Mini-sized)
  • Assorted Tervis Tumblers (she doesn’t even use the ones she has when it’s not baseball season for her)
  • Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Seating Set (what’s wrong with our current patio set??)
  • Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush (she saw this on a commercial last week and asked for it)

Soooo is this child turning 7 or 17? This list reads like a bridal registry for goodness sake! We’re going to stick to Toys R Us but maybe it’s time to update some of Mini’s things. A small few of her requests were reasonable. The rest? I don’t know what she was thinking!

Hope you got a laugh out of this like I did!

It’s My Birthday!

So, yep. My birthday is September 11th. I get a lot of mixed reactions when I tell people. Well, actually mixed isn’t really how I’d describe it. Everyone usually looks at me wide-eyed, raises an eyebrow and/or offers apologies. After 12 years of this, I have gotten used to it.

If I go out to celebrate my birthday, I get guff from random people. It’s happened several times. I was at a bar with friends and some drunk leaned over and told us we had nothing to celebrate about. When I said we did and it was my birthday, he went on a rant about how young people make up bogus excuses for their drinking. Mind you, this fool was drunk as a skunk saying this.

I have to say – 32 is not old! My husband told me I don’t look a day over 16. My response was “Ummm doesn’t that make you a pedophile?” HAHAHAHA!

Enough about happy birthday memories, though. Let’s talk about a sad one.

Ever year on or around my birthday, I visit my Mother’s grave site. It’s just something I do. It’s pretty much a conversation with myself, but I feel like I’m talking to her as well. I babble on about the past year then talk about my goals for the year to come. It’s very cleansing for me.

Today, I went up to the cemetery, kissed the head stone and walked around it (it is right along the road, but faces away from it). Taped to the bottom of the headstone is a sono pic and the words “Your First Grandson” were on it. I had done something similar when I was pregnant with Mini years ago and here was my brother showing our Mother a sneak peek of his son in utero.

I wept uncontrollably.

I just lost it, shaking so hard I had to hold the stone to steady myself.

After 13 years without my Mother, it really hit me like a wall how much she is missing. Her grandbabies. My daughter and my brother’s future son. I know she would have been a wonderful Grandma. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. It breaks my heart she’s not here right now.

I kissed and hugged the headstone, then walked back to my truck. I just sat there, hysterically crying. I’ve shed many tears for the loss of this woman, but I have never cried like this. I didn’t know how to stop.

I calmed down just enough to start driving home, crying all the way. My first car had broken wipers so when the rain poured it was hard to see. This was kind of the same effect.

By the time I pulled in my driveway, my head was pounding and my eyes were all swollen. Thank all that watches us I live less than 15 minutes away from the cemetery. I don’t think I would have made it home if the drive had been longer. I sat on my couch, just staring into space and cried some more.

I’m lucky I had the time with my Mother that I did. It just sucks that she’s not here when things like this happen. I feel her around me at times, but her presence would truly be a gift..