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Three Question Thursday 1.12.17


Here are my 3 questions for this week..

1. What are you looking forward to this coming year?

Mini’s first concert! Since all of my younger siblings are out of school now, we haven’t been to any school concerts in recent years. I’m pumped for this coming May!

Just this week, her lessons were increased to two days a week and we got the sheet music home! YAY for no more plucking and random notes.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

2. Has Mini chosen a theme for her birthday party yet?  

Yes, she has! It will be featured in a Mini Monday post very soon! We’re very excited about this one.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

3. Have you finished putting your 2017 Planner together yet??

No. I’m still working on it. I need to find my 3-hole punch. I have a heavy-duty one that is driving me nuts! It just never seems to line up right anymore :(

Here is my cover though.. It is from Scattered Squirrel, who has a TON of amazing FREE printables so definitely check that site out.

I added the 2017 and my name.

Sometimes, my questions have short answers :)

Have you been asked any good questions recently?

Baby’s First Planner

Okay. You got me..

Mini’s not a baby. BUT this is her first planner, so it still works!

Since I discovered my love of planners and printables a few years ago, Mini has yet to express an interest in any of them. When we were going over her Christmas list a few months back, she asked for a day planner. I searched a lot of sites and didn’t found one that I thought Mini would love…

THEN I saw this headline in my inbox: “Minecraft T-Shirt Giveaway {and Freebie}”

Intrigued, I clicked the link and it landed me HERE at one of my fave blogger’s sites!

~Confession: Even when I subscribe to updates, I sometimes just skim the emails if I’m in a rush and don’t always pay attention to the bottom part. DO NOT make this mistake!! Any subscriber freebies offered are usually at the bottom part of the emails!~

The “Freebie” was a Minecraft-themed Planner! HUZZAH! Mini has been nuts about this game for months and I knew she would love this.

The best part? I got to break in my new binding machine! I always get excited about my new toys..


I printed up the pages and put them together..


The pics are a bit blurry, but the detail and the amazing colors of this planner were (according to Mini) “exactly what they should be”.  If I get permission from the creator of these printables, I will post full photos.

Since Mini loves nothing more than notes, I made sure to print out a “notes” page for each month and a bunch of additional ones for the end of the binder. The end blue page was a piece of cardstock I had that perfectly complemented the blue flecks in the border.

Look how happy my baby is right now!

2015-01-01 12.09.40

Head on over to the Multi Taskin Mom to see what other Minecraft goodies she has!

A Book of Sorts

NaBloPoMo wants to know if I have a book in me, what kind it is and if it’s related to my blog or not.

The short answer? Yes and no.

Yes, I have stories which could be put into books in my head.

No, they are not related to my blog.

I have several different stories I’m working on, but it has been hard getting my ideas written out. Every time I start a story, I want to take it in a hundred different directions. I’ll write something, then edit it all the next day. Almost every single word gets changed. The following day, I will write more then end up editing it all yet again.

I second-guess myself too much right now to be able to stick to one story. I like doing several short stories. Maybe I have an anthology book of sorts in my head? Maybe it’s a series.

I have another blog of poetry and stories I have written. I haven’t posted on that in a while. Maybe it’s time to continue writing the short versions of things.

Hm. That’s something to think about :)

Six Going On SevenTEEN!

Mini’s 7th birthday is coming up in June. I prefer to slowly take a few months to plan it than to plan everything in a few weeks. I make a bunch of decisions in January then slowly buy all the decorations and invites.

Since invites go out in early May, we usually hammer down a wish list by the end of April. Basically, it’s her Christmas wish list, just modified. Some family and friends send the gifts as soon as the invites are out so it’s best to have it done.

Mini decided to get a jump on this. The ad from Bed, Bath and Beyond (my Mothership!) came in the mail today. Usually, Mini pays it no mind but today she was extremely interested in it. I walked into the kitchen to make myself some coffee and by the time I came back, Mini had the ad open. Marker in hand, she was busily circling things. When she got to the back cover, she looked at me and smiled “I’m done.”

Me: “Done with what?”

“My birthday list. Can I have my list here instead of Toys R Us?”

I start laughing then I realize she’s serious. “Why?”

“You can’t get my favorite candles and all this cool stuff at a toy store.” She’s referring to Yankee candles, which we smell every time we’re there but we only purchase the littles for the car.

“Oh really.. And what do you want?”

“Don’t worry. I circled everything.” She hands me the circular, beaming.

Here is her list:

  • The NINJA Professional Blender (apparently my 3yo NINJA isn’t good enough anymore)
  • ProGlass Food Storage Set (because my Tupperware is outdated too)
  • BluApple (she consumes fruit pretty quick so we don’t even need this)
  • Charles Viancin 11″ Dahlia Silicone Lid (because using a dinner plate to cover a serving bowl is so unrefined for her tastes)
  • Crosley Culinary Prep Kitchen Cart (I was told I will find room for this)
  • K-cups and SodaStream mix refills (we have plenty of both)
  • Memory Foam HD Kitchen Mat (I like the one I just got thanks)
  • Yankee Candles (she’s picky about scents but she likes the color of the one in the ad)
  • Stretch Sterling Furniture Cover (so she can cuddle with the dogs and not worry about hair on her bed, which the dogs aren’t allowed on anyway)
  • Seven different sheet sets (I’m allowed to narrow it down to “3 or 4″. Gee thanks kid!)
  • 60-pair Commercial Grade Rolling Shoe Rack (my shoe tree is so small)
  • Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop (because my mop is so old-fashioned)
  • SureFit Pet Furniture Cover (for the couch in the den)
  • Large Pet Bed (when Eli-Princess stops eating beds, we’ll get her a new one – no sooner!)
  • Glass Body Analysis Scale (she wants her own glass scale – the white one I have in the bathroom is “dirty”)
  • OXO Strong Hold Suction Grip Bar (to help her in and out of the shower)
  • Elysburg 3 Light Vanity Fixture (“for my desk – so I can see what I’m coloring” For $150, this light better color FOR you as well!)
  • Kids Sling Chair (because the patio furniture I have isn’t Mini-sized)
  • Assorted Tervis Tumblers (she doesn’t even use the ones she has when it’s not baseball season for her)
  • Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Seating Set (what’s wrong with our current patio set??)
  • Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush (she saw this on a commercial last week and asked for it)

Soooo is this child turning 7 or 17? This list reads like a bridal registry for goodness sake! We’re going to stick to Toys R Us but maybe it’s time to update some of Mini’s things. A small few of her requests were reasonable. The rest? I don’t know what she was thinking!

Hope you got a laugh out of this like I did!

Blog Challenge – Topic 14

A Review

Ha! I don’t usually post reviews and now this will be the third review in a month! Oh well.. A change of pace is sometimes a good thing! If you live on Long Island, this review will be for you. If not, be jealous :)

Plasterkraze is a painting studio located in Selden, NY. They have a ton of plaster creations you can paint. They have everything from sports teams logos to letters to large standing Christmas sculptures and trees.

Recently, I was there with my daughter and some of my husband’s family. My daughter chose to paint a cupcake (my little foodie!). I chose the NY Mets and NY Giants logos. My brother-in-law chose the guitar and my nieces chose a music note and the word “Peace”.

Once you’re finished painting, you have a choice to add glitter or leave it alone. Then in about 10 minutes or so, your creation is dried to a tacky finish and you can bring it home.. Here is a big, clear pic of what we colored:


This is only a piece of the amount of different creations they have available to paint. If you haven’t been here, you need to go soon! They accept walk-in painters and do a great job with kids’ parties if you’re looking for a place other than that mouse-pizza place ;)

Summer Movie #7: FRANKENWEENIE

I inadvertently made a boo-boo on this one.

When this movie came out in theatres, a few of Mini’s friends had seen it. The moms all told me to go see it. “It’s so funny”, they said. “Mini will love it!” said another.

Wrong! Well, right. But wrong too.

Mini laughed through the movie, enjoying it for the most part. I wasn’t watching with her and since I had never seen it myself, I didn’t know the ending. I also don’t push my daughter to tell me her nightmares. If she has one and seeks comfort, I ask her about it but leave it alone if she says she doesn’t feel like talking about it.


Apparently, at the end, Sparky dies again before being revived. When the movie was over, I asked Mini how she liked it since she was clapping during the credits.

“I loved it!” she says. A split second later, the tears started.

I was confused. “What’s the matter? I thought you liked it!”

Mini, in between sobs, choked out: “I did, but I had a dream about it too.”

Ok, she had never seen the movie before nor the coming attractions. What was going on here?

I ask her what happened and she said she had dreamed the ending.

I ask her again and she replies, “I had a dream that I was in danger and Eli (our Hound pup) died trying to get to me.” She started to just breakdown and sob, shaking uncontrollably.

I just sat there and held her. I felt horrible for letting her watch it now, but I had no idea. I don’t know how this will affect my treatment of her nightmares in the future though. Maybe I should try asking her again until she tells me? I don’t know. I hope she doesn’t have a nightmare again tonight though..

Great movie, until it drudges up bad memories, I guess.

Family Time

It’s sad to say, but the only time I see my biological siblings is when a major life event happens. Death in the family, hospitalizations, births, the usual. We decided a few weeks ago that had to change. Today, we got together. All 5 of us and our families were in the same place at the same time – and there wasn’t a tragedy or anything stressful surrounding it.

We were all relaxed and talking about whatever. The kids were in the pool and we all had a blast! A bbq meal of hot dogs, hamburgers and salads was followed up by the fire pit and s’mores. It was an awesome day to be one of my siblings :)

My sister handed out invites for her engagement party in August. She’s getting married August 2014. One of my brothers has a baby boy due in October. We had the chance to meet and hang out with his girlfriend and her son. Both are awesome and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them into the family.

We are trying to keep up the family hang-outs by having my Grandma’s birthday bbq at my house next weekend. I hope it all goes through.

I love hanging out with my family.

It de-stresses me, which is hard to do..


We opted not to watch a movie today.

Instead, Mini and I went out for an afternoon of pampering. Mini got her 2nd pedicure and loved this one more than the first. The first pedi, the nail tech only cleaned her nails and painted them. This time, Mini got to experience the foot bath, scrub and lotion massage. When the lady took out the scrubby, Mini was intrigued. I looked down at my own nails being done when I heard some loud giggles coming from the other side of the nail salon.

The woman had to pause she was laughing so hard. Yes, my Mini’s laugh is infectious. She laughed everytime the woman touched the bottom of her feet. Here are a few Instagram Pics from our jaunt..

Our finished nails

Mini’s pedi

My nails

After the nail place, it was off to the hair salon. About 2 weeks ago or so, Mini cut herself some bangs (grumble grr grumble grr). Well, not bangs so much.. More like just lobbed off some of the sides of her hair. I explained to this to the stylist who was very patient and understanding. She fixed Mini’s hair up, giving her layers and long bangs. We were very happy with the results.

Tomorrow, we have 2 gatherings – both pool parties. Hope the rain holds off!

Must We Keep Score?

Before we went to the movies, Mini had her first bowling league game. Her and her two friends were all in a lane together. The next lane had children who were slightly older and therefore ‘veterans’. When we finished the first game, an attendant came by to reset the screen for the second game.

“Did you write down your scores?” he asked us.

Wait. What?

Me: “Do we have to keep score?”

Attendant: “Well no, but we recommend you do. You should have been given a score sheet when you came in..”

A score sheet?

Mom of ‘veteran’ kids pipes up: “I already wrote down your scores. It’s here on the paper.”

Me (in my head): Uhh yeah thanks creeper!

We did thank her but it was still weird. We didn’t ask her to write the girls’ names down. We weren’t even going to keep score. Really, they were playing for fun.. well fun and the free custom bowling ball at the end of the ten weeks. :)

I get that some parents are more serious than others. It’s a summer activity. It’s not even a competition. Do we really need to keep score? This isn’t baseball ya know!


Yup. We decided to go to the theatre. Our plans worked out like we wanted them to. Huzzah!

The movie was awesome! Mini thoroughly enjoyed herself and so did I. We loved seeing the cameos from beloved (well ok some not-so-much) characters from Inc.

One thing I don’t get is the animated shorts they come up with for these movies. The paper short before “Wreck-It-Ralph” kinda went over Mini’s head when we saw it. She got the meaning of “The Blue Umbrella” but was also a bit bored during it. It’s hard to grasp a kid’s attention when you’ve attempted to bore them before the movie.

I can’t tell you what Mini’s fave part of the movie was because that will give away a huge plot point. You’ll just have to go see it :)