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Three Question Thursday – Interview With Photographer Matthew David Parker!

Usually, my Three Question Thursday posts are just me answering three random questions…

Not today!

Today, you get treated to an eight-question interview with Photographer Matthew David Parker!

Tina B's World - Interview with Photographer Matthew-David-Parker

Photo Credit: Mr. Parker’s website

Here we go:  Matthew David Parker’s Thoughts on Photography

1. Do you prefer shooting indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor light is the best source of illumination for my photographs. It provides natural unlimited rays that can be manipulated to bring out some of the best photos. The free and unlimited backgrounds in their natural form birth high levels of creative energy and inspiration.

Natural light is the best lighting – no matter how much you think flod lights and fancy editing can usurp the classic power of the sun, as humans, it’s all about the great outdoors.

2. When you shoot outdoors, do you prefer shooting during the day or at night?

Outdoor lighting is often changing and the perfect time for an outdoor shoot can be difficult to determine. Soft sunlight is always better than the harsh sunlight of the day. Too much light and compromise a perfect moment. Utilizing early morning light at dawn, when the scattering of the sky is at its best, and the intimate light just before the sun dives behind the hills produces less contrast because the soft light adds a warm glow to the scene and adds depth as well as texture to images. Although, some buildings are best captured at night with their lights at their brightest.

3. Name three cities you haven’t shot in yet, but are on your bucket list.

  1. Miami, it’s just got a radiant skyline. It’s imposing and endearing at the same time. These features among others provide a great inspiration for some of the best photographs. It’s like New York at night – you really appreciate it more due to the magnificence of the buildings. Gothic architecture at night really evokes a sense of resonance in I would say, many people.
  2. Washington DC because it’s DC. There’s a subtle but overpowering sense of dominance in the capital. Maybe because that’s where the president lives but the classic roman architecture really speaks to me. The powerful white pillars that jut out and seem like they’ll stretch for miles. Come on, you can’t beat that.
  3. California finally, because it’s a lazy place. You get to take pictures of water sports and the beach. It’s more laid back than New York which is kinda defined by money. But California has this hippie influence that draws you in.

4. Do you have favorite buildings in NYC and Las Vegas?

Funny enough, my favourite buildings in New York are rarely known by people. I’m drawn to not only the raging bull in the financial district but also, to the grimy efficiency of the subway and how every time you hop on it, you’re transported through time.

Las Vegas: (laughs) The Bellagio but mostly because it’s so ostentatious, like it’s really up there in terms of decadence and absolute wealth. And… I might have spent some time on their slot machines.

5. Name three celebrities you would love to do a photo shoot with.

  1. Kanye West. He’s just Kanye and has his own persona, and doesn’t capitulate to societal norms. He’s a fascinating character, and in art, fascination is interesting.
  2.  Jennifer Lawrence because she looks so bubbly so I bet she would be a fun person to shoot.
  3. George Bush. I know, oh the irony, but he’s been out of the public eye for a while and he’s endearing to so many people. I feel people would like to know what jr. is up to.

6. What’s one piece of equipment you pine for and hope to purchase one day?

The new Pro LED Light Table that allows top quality imagery and requires little or no post-production. The lighting will allow me to capture my photographs without the hassle of compiling arrays of light for my subject.

7. Do you use your cell phone to capture photo or video? If so, which make/model have you used?

Yeah, I’ve used the Asus ZenFone 3 which has a camera that has a great zoom and a colour correction sensor. It also has optical image stabilization allowing me to capture steady photographs while I’m on the move.

8. Do you have any advice for an amateur photographer?

Some of the best photos are produced when photographers pays close attention to the rules on the lighting, depth, viewpoint and perspective. Explore all kinds of photography without limiting your creativity.

What a great interview! Thank you so much, Mr. Parker!

Check out his amazing skills on his site HERE


Definitely follow him on Twitter!

Three Question Thursday 1.12.17


Here are my 3 questions for this week..

1. What are you looking forward to this coming year?

Mini’s first concert! Since all of my younger siblings are out of school now, we haven’t been to any school concerts in recent years. I’m pumped for this coming May!

Just this week, her lessons were increased to two days a week and we got the sheet music home! YAY for no more plucking and random notes.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

2. Has Mini chosen a theme for her birthday party yet?  

Yes, she has! It will be featured in a Mini Monday post very soon! We’re very excited about this one.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

3. Have you finished putting your 2017 Planner together yet??

No. I’m still working on it. I need to find my 3-hole punch. I have a heavy-duty one that is driving me nuts! It just never seems to line up right anymore :(

Here is my cover though.. It is from Scattered Squirrel, who has a TON of amazing FREE printables so definitely check that site out.

I added the 2017 and my name.

Sometimes, my questions have short answers :)

Have you been asked any good questions recently?

Three Question Thursday 1.5.17



1. “I don’t know how to feel about Carrie Fisher’s death.”

Alright I admit it.. this isn’t a question. When I told Mini that Carrie had passed, she thought about it for a while then told me she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. 2016 was insane with the celebrity deaths, quite frankly. Every time I signed onto Twitter, I felt another piece of my childhood just slip away.

We are HUGE Star Wars fans, in case you didn’t know. Mini idolized Princess Leia. Mini always said Leia was a lady and a princess, but she also kicked butt. As we discussed it, the only thing I could tell Mini was that it was okay to be confused.

I said, “You loved Leia and everything she stood for, but you didn’t know Carrie personally. You know after the next movie, Leia will no longer appear and that makes you sad. It’s okay to mourn the loss of someone, no matter who it is and even if it is just a character.”

Mini has approached me since our talk and wants to discuss the upcoming movies and I’m sure the entire fandom is curious to see how the franchise deals with the death of the most badass Disney princess ever!

2. “Why do I need glasses?”

Uhhh cuz both your parents have poor eyesight and started wearing glasses in the 2nd (him) and 4th (me) grade? It seems like a “duh”, but Mini was very concerned about this. She thinks having glasses will alter her entire image. She was convinced she won’t be pretty anymore. She cried that her friends will not want to be seen with her. She expressed concern that a playground bully had slapped another child’s glasses off their face and she is worried it will happen to her.

glasses photo

I reminded her that her friends don’t hang out with her just because she’s pretty and has nice eyes (I might be slightly biased because it’s a carbon copy of my own eyes and face). They hang out with her because she has a great personality. she’s fun. She likes things like Star Wars or Cops & Robbers. She refers to her friends as “fans” (she’s a YouTube fanatic, sooo yeah). I’m raising a pretty great kid, if I do say so myself. She’s both sympathetic and empathetic. I remind her of all her good qualities. From the time of the exam to the time she received her glasses, Mini had time to think about it. She got used to the idea and even accepted her “new” identity.

I’ll save the pics for a Mini Monday post and let her tell you all about it :)

3. Did you get anything good for Christmas?

No. I’m an adult. Plus, when you’re a parent, it’s all about the kids.



This thing is SO. MUCH. FUN!

My inner nerd went nuts. My outer nerd went nuts. It was a nutsy time.

Have any questions I should answer? Leave them in the comments below :) 

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

Here’s my three..

1. If you played for Major League Baseball, what would your walk-up song be? 

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

I can’t tell you how much this stumped me. I thought about it for days, weeks even…

What song describes me?

What song would get me pumped up to hit a home run?

What song comes in clutch when I need motivation?

I’d have to have a list to pick through. It’s impossible for me to pick just one or even three! I would have a roster-size rotation of songs (for non-baseball fans, that is either 25 or 40).

Here are a few I’d choose, in no particular order:

  • DMX – “You Could Be Blind”
  • New Kids on the Block – “Remix (I Like The)”
  • Jamie Foxx – “Winner”
  • JC Flow – “Doin Me”
  • Curt Chambers – “Digging For Gold”
  • Johnny Cash – “Rusty Cage”
  • Backstreet Boys – “Show Em What You’re Made Of”
  • Rod Stewart – “Human”
  • Jussie Smollet – “Battle Cry”
  • Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”
  • BoyZone – “Who We Are”

Google them all. Or YouTube them. Spotify. Whatever.

2. What are you looking forward to in the next month? 

Three Question Thursday 9.8.16 - Tina B's World

My birthday. I don’t relish the faces people make or the reactions I get when I tell people my birthday is September 11th, but it is what it is. I’ll be 35 on Sunday. No, my age doesn’t bother me. I’m good with it. There’s plenty of other things in the world that bother me. I guess you could say I got 99 problems, but my age ain’t one.

3. What’s your fave breakfast? 

It’s a toss-up. I love plain ole Cheerios with bananas and milk.

I also love challah bread french toast. One of my local diners makes it and it’s simply divine!

That’s my list.

Have YOU been asked anything cool recently?

Three Questions Thursday 8.18.16

Three Questions Thursday 8.18.16 - Tina B's World

Here is a little looksie at three random questions I was asked in the past week and my responses to them…

I really should keep better track of questions asked so I don’t have to go back into all my social media and texts from now on!

1. Do you keep a journal or diary?

Three Questions Thursday 8.18.16 - Tina B's World

I used to. Many times over the course of my life, I kept a journal. I’d write things down. Random thoughts. Sometimes a good writing exercise would pop into my head and I would write it down. Other times, I wrote out things I was angry at.

As a kid, my parents read my journal. As an adult, my roommates did. When I moved in with my then-boyfriend, now-husband, I couldn’t trust him not to read it after all the other time I had been burned. My blogs are the closest thing to a journal I keep now.

2. What age do you consider “old”?

Three Questions Thursday 8.18.16 - Tina B's World

I think “old” is a state of mind and it also varies from person to person.

When I was younger, I thought people who were in their 60s were old. Now that my parents are all in their 60s, it doesn’t seem so old anymore. Nanny passed right after she turned 93. Yes, i agree that is old… but Nan never really seemed “old” to me until she was near the end.

I’ve met people in their 70s and 80s that I think are old. It’s true what they say “You’re only as old as you feel”.

3. What made you smile in the past week?

Three Questions Thursday 8.18.16 - Tina B's World

Mini’s softball awards were last week. She won the Sportsmanship trophy. She was shocked and confused when she won. Throughout the season, Mini has been helping the younger girls on her team.

She gave one a lesson in hitting.

She high-fived girls who made good plays, even if they weren’t on her “team” when they played (she was in an instructional league with one big team and they’d be split in half to play an actual game).

She cheered for everyone.

After I explained this all to her, she just said “Oh. Are you sure I deserve it? Other people cheered too.” THAT is why she won it. Her humbleness is one of her best traits.

Well, that’s mine.

Have YOU been asked any interesting Q’s lately?

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

My three questions for the week:

1. What do you want for your birthday? 

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

My birthday is a month from today. It’s weird getting questions like this when you’re an adult.

What do you really tell people?

All I want is the same cake I get from Benkert’s Bakery (located in Centereach, NY – worth the drive no matter where you live!). It’s a triple chocolate fudge cake. I only have it once a year. I wonder why :)

2. Why was Pluto demoted? 

Mini is really stuck on this whole Pluto thing! I get tired of answering the same questions over and over, so I told her to do a little research on it.

She comes back with “It’s a planetoid now, which has the word planet in it. That means it’s a planet.”

You know what? I’m going to give her this one.

Let her future Science teacher reason with her :)

3. Who do you consider a role model? 

Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16 - Tina B's World

There are many people who do good in this world.

They donate their money and time to charity.

They use their voices for good, not evil.

They make the most of a bad situation.

I commend them all. Truly, I do.

For me personally? It’s that beautiful woman in that picture. My Grandmother, “Nanny”.

Nanny lived her life in service to others. In her later years, she was a Senior Companion. If you asked her what she did, she would tell you “I take old ladies shopping.” The kicker? These ladies were younger than she was!

Even in her passing at the age of 93, she was still in service to others. Nan donated her body to Science. I always told her they might find the fountain of youth in her. She said to me, “Good. then I can haunt you people forever!”

She didn’t judge. She said our lives are our lives. It wasn’t up to her to judge one way or another. She gave her opinion when asked… or even when not. She made the typical old people jokes (along the lines of “Quiche ya? I hardly know ya!”), but sometimes she came out with the funniest one-liners (as previously mentioned in her comment about haunting us).

For instance, another extended family member complained all the time. Nanny referred to her as “Moan-a”. She would hilariously mutter it under her breath when the other family member started in on whatever. I’d have to hide my face and stifle my laughter.

When my sister once took Nan to the ER because of a nosebleed, the nurse asked her if she snored. Nan’s response? “I don’t know. I’ve never stayed awake to check.”

She will always be my role model. I aspire to be like her.

So I ask all of you…

What do you ask for when your birthday comes around?

What are your feelings on Pluto?

Who do you look up to?

Three Questions Thursday 8.4.16

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World

We are asked questions every day. Some from our kids, others from family or friends. The point of these posts is to share questions I’ve been asked and answer them.

1. “Why do people ask you if you are on your period when you’re upset and crying?”

Three Question Thursday 8.4.16 - Tina B's World

This was a discussion between a friend and I. She more said it out of frustration, but it really got me thinking. If it’s coming from a male, it’s probably because he’s been biologically programmed to fear emotion. Some overcome that fear and probably won’t assume it’s PMS making you cry (just an fyi – we like those guys). Some just assume that if you’re showing emotion, you must be crazy.

Then, there are the choice few who refuse to take responsibility for hurting you or causing you distress. They would rather blame your uterus then shoulder their share of the blame. If it comes from a female, as in “geez, who lit the fuse on your tampon?”, she is probably either just being a witch or she is advising you that you are in public and need to take it down a notch.

It all depends on the “who is asking” thing.

2. “Is the PTA a clique?” 

This is a question everyone who volunteers for PTA events gets. Here’s what you have to realize.. we are around each other a lot. Pretty much all the time. Any time there is an event at your child’s school, we’re there.

Something you don’t see? We’re also there when the kids are not. That book fair the kids love? Those shelves and tables have to be set up beforehand. Plant or holiday sales? Same thing. When those events are done, things need to be dismantled and put away. It’s usually the same people who do everything.

Please be clear: I’m not finding fault with working mothers or people who don’t have the time. Even if you just don’t want to be bothered, I find no fault. I’m just explaining something.

Do some PTAs have cliques? Yes. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. It happens everywhere, not just PTA. However, the vast majority of PTA volunteers are more than willing to open up their circle for new people. They are willing to answer your questions (or connect you with someone who will).

You just have to ask.

Jump in on a conversation or just walk up to anyone who is helping.

3. “When can I meet Buzz Aldrin? He’s still alive, right?”

A double question from Mini. I don’t know when you can meet Mr. Aldrin and yes, as far as I know, he’s still alive. Mini is my little nerd (we’re very proud nerds/geeks in our house) and is super into space and science-related things.

She is fascinated by new scientific discoveries made, although she was pretty peeved when they demoted Pluto.

She watched COSMOS (the new one) and wanted the GeoSafari Planetary mat because it featured Neil Degrasse Tyson’s voice. She is enamored with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. She knows she will never be able to meet Mr. Armstrong and that saddens her… but she hopes to one day meet Mr. Aldrin (even though she sometimes pronounces his last name Alderaan).  She would love to listen to one of his stories straight from him.

Well, that’s my 3 questions from this week. Have YOU been asked anything recently?