We Made Donuts!

I find a lot of recipes I want to try. My Pinterest page will tell you that! Mini has been begging to make a run to Dunkin for a while now. I think she just wants a Coolatta, but she does love her donuts. She also loves her Oreo’s. When I saw this recipe, I […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 11

A Contest or Create A Contest This will be easy. I. Hate. Contests. I’m not even kidding. I have never won anything in my life. Sadly enough, Mini is better at carnival games than I am. They hand her the darts and she knocks out those balloons 1 2 3. Me? I have pretty good […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 10

An Animal I wrote a great post in May of last year about my obsession with rabbits.. You can find it HERE. Honestly, I don’t know how I can top that, but I’ll try 🙂 On second thought, maybe I will just post some videos of songs I like with animals in their titles.. In […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 9

Color HUH?? Okay I have to admit that this topic threw me a little. Do I talk about my favorite color? Do I post a pic of a painting or sunset? What exactly does ‘color’ mean? Hmm…….. Okay here goes nothing.. My favorite color is blue. For one thing, it’s the color of my eyes. […]