Summer Movie 18: Mulan 2

My sisters joined us for dinner tonight. They had suggested Mini watch this, but we ended up talking about summer/school year plans so we waited until they left to start watching. She noticed right away that Mushu “didn’t sound right the same”. She also got upset with him a lot during the movie. “Stupid dragon” […]

Restaurant Review: Carmine’s in NYC

If you ever decide to be in New York City, go eat at Carmine’s. I have been to both Italian restaurants and family-style places, but this one takes the cake! We had no problem deciding on what to order. We started with a Caesar Salad (which I forgot to photo before everyone dug in) which […]

Blog Challenge – Topic 6

A Movie You Watched Recently and How It Made You Think About Your Life This made me laugh when I read the blog topic.. You may laugh along with me 🙂 The other day, as Mini and I were watching FernGully, I was thinking back to when I first saw the movie. I won’t say […]