10 Things You Will Always Find In My Fridge

About two weeks ago, Kathy from Cornerstone Confessions posted a list about things you would find in her fridge. I replied with a comment but thought I would post my list here: I always (ok, ALMOST always) have the basics in there: milk, eggs and/or cheese. But other than that, you are pretty likely to […]

Summer Movie #1: BABE

I absolutely LOVE this movie! At the end when Farmer Hoggett says “That’ll do, Pig”.. Umm yeah.. GOOSEBUMPS! Obviously I get a message from the true meaning of the film. It’s about acceptance and willingness to beat the odds. It’s about trust and helping out someone who needs you. I could go on and on. […]

Mother’s Day Had Some Sweet Too..

Let’s call this my Part 2 Mother’s Day post. I realize my last was a bit morbid and dark. Friday was a Moms & Muffins event in Mini’s class. The kids made projects and the muffins were delicious! The teacher came around and took pics of all the kids with their moms. Every single time […]

Life & Loss

Last August, I was at a christening for my friend’s son when I got the call that my great uncle had passed away (A Time To Be) and I remember how I was struck by a life beginning and ending at the same time. This time, it was separated by my families. My adopted family […]