Summer Movie #7: FRANKENWEENIE

I inadvertently made a boo-boo on this one. When this movie came out in theatres, a few of Mini’s friends had seen it. The moms all told me to go see it. “It’s so funny”, they said. “Mini will love it!” said another. Wrong! Well, right. But wrong too. Mini laughed through the movie, enjoying […]


Good ole Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick as the Inspector. What could be better? Mini absolutely loved this one! She said her favorite part was when the Inspector first put on his gadget suit. Making a mess with toothpaste is Mini’s schtick. She cracked up when he says “Go go gadget oil spill” and out […]

Summer Movie #5 – D3: THE MIGHTY DUCKS

If you have not seen this trilogy, I highly suggest that you do! This one is my favorite out of the 3. Since it was available “On Demand”, I decided to put it on for Mini. Low and behold, I now have a little ice hockey fan on my hands. At least, the skating part. […]

Family Time

It’s sad to say, but the only time I see my biological siblings is when a major life event happens. Death in the family, hospitalizations, births, the usual. We decided a few weeks ago that had to change. Today, we got together. All 5 of us and our families were in the same place at […]