Music Monday – 8.21.17

This song has been stuck in my head ALL WEEKEND! No matter what I was doing, it kept popping up. Dos that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot lately. A song just comes to me when I wake up and I find myself singing it all day long. No matter how […]

Father’s Day 2017 vs Father’s Day 2007

Mini was born just a few days before Father’s Day 10 years ago. Since the “updated family photos” trend seems to be going strong, we thought we would hop on the wagon. So here it is: Mini and her father in the hospital just after she was born & the two of them today. NAILED […]

Three Question Thursday – Interview With Photographer Matthew David Parker!

Usually, my Three Question Thursday posts are just me answering three random questions… Not today! Today, you get treated to an eight-question interview with Photographer Matthew David Parker! Here we go:  Matthew David Parker’s Thoughts on Photography 1. Do you prefer shooting indoor or outdoor? Outdoor light is the best source of illumination for my […]