Music Monday 9.8.17

Currently the song stuck in my head is: Mat Kearney – “Nothing Left to Lose” As with any other song, I don’t quit know why it’s stuck n my head, but here it is: What song is stuck in YOUR head today?

5 School Supplies We Hate Buying

School supplies shopping. It’s the ultimate bargain hunter’s dream (or a parent’s nightmare). Whether you get your lists late in August (we don’t start til September) or at the end of school in June, it doesn’t matter. Then comes the questions when the sales start.. Do we stock up? What do we stock up on? […]

Pencils at Maximum Velocity

I received a complimentary duo of BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencils from Smiley360 for this review. All opinions are my own. I collect pens and pencils.. It’s kinda my thing. Okay, it’s REALLY my thing. I even started an Instagram page for just my collection. If I showed pics of my entire collection at once, […]