Mini Monday – Post 15 – One of the Chosen Ones

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I am one of the chosen ones!

My school district has a reading and writing expo. It’s pretty new. They showcase the student’s artwork and writings.

There is a Poetry Cafe and the students can read their poems aloud.


That’s right! I get to share my poem with lots of people!

My poem is a tribute poem to Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia is one of my favorite superheroes.

My Mom will do a post later this week that will include my poem. I asked her not to share it with anyone until after the expo.

Well, that’s all I have to say. As my Mom always says, “YAY ME!”

See you next time!


February 2017 Photo Challenge: Love

 February’s Photo Challenge was:

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me.. don’t hurt me.. no more. <- Admit it. That was your first thought too!

Love is many things.

Love is checking up on your friends..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..or stalking, whatever. My foster cats are super nosy! They are constantly staring at the neighbors and anyone who happens to pass by.

Love is cleaning off your Mom’s car when it snows..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..especially when you know your mom has arthritis and needs all the help she can get! This pic is super blurry because it was taken through a screen door and zoomed in. We (thankfully) didn’t have much snow this winter, but the one storm we had was pretty bad. Another note: Mini’s winter jacket used to belong to her beloved Great Grandmother, Nanny, and Mini loved wearing it :)

Love is hearts..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

..ripped into your pants by one of your Pugs. I can’t say I’m totally mad about the rip though (rest in peace, pants!). It was pretty hilarious!

Love is a hug from one of your besties..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

…and nothing beats a Pug Hug!

Love is ice cream on a warm day..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

…or even a warmISH day. It was around 50 degrees. That’s warm enough for us! By the way, if you’re ever on Long Island, you have GOT to visit McNulty’s. It’s on North Country Rd in Mt Sinai. No matter where you are, it’s totally worth the hike out there!

Now for the bonus shots..

Love is a sweet kiss to help you get through your homework..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Love is subjecting yourself to a silly Snapchat filter because it makes your kid smile..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Love is letting your Senior Pug have your napping pillow..

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

Last but not least,

Love is the peaceful feeling you get from a clear beautiful sky on a gorgeous day.. 

Feb 2017 Photo Challenge - Tina B's World

I can’t wait for next month’s challenge!

If you want to link up or try the challenge next month, please go HERE.

Mad For (Top)Hatter

I like auctions and I like winning them.

Doesn’t everyone?

Tophatter is an awesome site where you can bid on things and win within seconds, sometimes minutes depending on the amount of bids. Call them instant auctions, if you will. Some items are new, but there are also used ones as well. Each used item I saw was clearly indicated as such.

Upon signing up, I received a $5 credit. YAY! I’m unsure if it was a temporary thing, but when you sign up, look for the pop-up or check your “account” (where you can add credits based on special codes).

As you start browsing, you will notice the costs are up front ($this + $that shipping). This is listed on every single item. Think fast and bid fast. It moves VERY quickly. You can click on the item description (tap if you’re using the app) and it will tell you exactly what you’re getting.

If you’re not really in for the thrill of bidding/winning (LIAR!), you can purchase the items at a “Buy It Now” price. You’ll possibly pay less for the item during bidding, but if not, you can always head to the sale page. You also have the option of being notified when your fave items go to auction. Just go to the item’s page and tap the heart icon. Easy-peasy.

Here is a screenshot from the Android app. On it, you can see the current auctions and even a notification on an item I had asked for notifications on. When the bar disappears, the item is up. Scroll quickly! By the time you find the item, it might be sold already. You can also clearly see the price and shipping amounts.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

On the Tophatter landing page, you will see the “Live Events” (items currently up for auction). When you see the item you want, click the green BID bar. You will see if your bid is still winning or if you’ve been outbid. A pop-up will tell you if you have won and gives you payment options. I chose to connect with Paypal, which is connected by one-click. Checkout was super fast and easy.

Now for my spoils!

Right away, I happened upon a make-up brush that I wanted to try but most I seem to find are a bit out of my budget. I won! It was $3 + $6 for shipping and was only $4 for me after I applied the credit. If you’re wondering how accurate the listings are, here is the listing from the app and the bottom is the actual brush (used – I forgot to take pics before I ripped it open and started using it OOPSIE!).

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Next, I found a 5pc set of Water Droplet-shaped Flawless Smooth Pro Makeup Powder Puff Beauty Blender. They looked almost exactly as they did on the site and were good quality.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

I spotted a gorgeous “Love & Heart” ring set. Sapphire was my birthstone so I was pumped! Right afterwards, I saw a set of Owl earrings that I knew would be perfect for a friend.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Here are two quick examples of packaging. Each item was well-wrapped and nothing came in scratched, chipped, ripped or dented.

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Thrilled with my little victories, I decided to hop on over to Tophatter’s Instagram page and give them a follow. Within seconds, they slid up into my DMs and offered me ANOTHER $5 credit. SCORE!

Armed with that credit, I chose a Tribal Knot ring. It was $7 (no shipping, which is actually somewhat common), so I received it for $2. I haven’t received this item yet :(  but I’m looking forward to it!

My credits through BrandBacker came through, I picked out a Black & Purple Rhodium Ring…

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

… and an Adult Coloring Book. With cuss words. I can NOT WAIT to start coloring this. I added the stars by the way :)

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

Here is a fantastic necklace I found. It’s kinda small, so I put it next to a tube of lip balm so you can get an idea of the size. I have a few other great items on the way that I can’t wait for :)

Mad For (Top)Hatter - Tina B's World

 I can not recommend this site enough! I have loved every time I have purchased. The descriptions are accurate and the site’s pics are spot-on. 

DISCLOSURE: I was compensated by Tophatter (through BrandBacker) with 2 separate purchasing credits to complete this post and share on social media. All opinions and pics (unless otherwise indicated) are my own. Also, the links to Tophatter are my personal invite link, where I earn credit if you make a purchase.

Powered by BrandBacker

Happy Love Your Pets Day!

We make no secret that we LOVE our pets here :)

We always welcome our visitors’ canine companions as well. The more the merrier!

This is our squad (the very definition of “squad goals” if you ask me!): Eli-Princess just turned 4 and she is the big one in the back. Our Pugs are (from L to R) Jordan (12), Mookie (1), Cheyenne (11), Jack (11) and Koko (9). All have their own unique personalities and quirks. I love that about them.

Love My Pets Day 2017 - Tina B's World

Excuse the mess.. we’re trying to act innocent after ripping apart the cardboard recycling pile :)

I tell everyone to get a dog. Why? 

They make you feel happy when you’re sad. Seriously, they just know when to comfort you.

They are super helpful. I mean, who hasn’t needed their dog to show off a cool trick or two during a lull in conversation when people are over?

They teach responsibility. Mini’s daily chore is letting the dogs out for their afternoon constitutional when she gets home from school. She knows that gets done as soon as she gets home, before she even does her homework. I don’t even have to remind her anymore, which is great.

They’re protective and bark to alert you of potential danger. That car door closed four houses down and you NEED to be notified. Repeatedly. Just in case. Also, your neighbors are having a conversation in their yard. You need to know what’s going on, right? ;)

I absolutely LOVE my pets. I can’t imagine NOT having one, but I totally get that they aren’t for everyone.

For fun, I decided to take this great breed quiz from PuppySpot to see what type of dog would fit our lifestyle. PuppySpot is dedicated to the safety and health of all their puppies for sale, which is shown through their no puppy mill promise.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous because I already have my babies and I think they are a good fit, but maybe my next pup should be something else?

Breed Flowchart_x2 (1)

YAY! I got “The Loyal Companion”, which I think PEFECTLY describes my Puggies and even my Hound. Eli-Princess is pretty mellow, but loves to run around crazy-like and play fetch in the backyard.. Note: by “fetch” I mean she grabs whatever I throw, runs it over to the other part of the yard then leaves it there for ME to go get so I may throw it again. I’m so very well-trained :)

Hope you enjoyed the quiz and I encourage you to paw through the PuppySpot site. Maybe you’ll meet your new bestie over there!

Three Question Thursday 1.12.17


Here are my 3 questions for this week..

1. What are you looking forward to this coming year?

Mini’s first concert! Since all of my younger siblings are out of school now, we haven’t been to any school concerts in recent years. I’m pumped for this coming May!

Just this week, her lessons were increased to two days a week and we got the sheet music home! YAY for no more plucking and random notes.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

2. Has Mini chosen a theme for her birthday party yet?  

Yes, she has! It will be featured in a Mini Monday post very soon! We’re very excited about this one.

3QT 1.12.17 - Tina B's World

3. Have you finished putting your 2017 Planner together yet??

No. I’m still working on it. I need to find my 3-hole punch. I have a heavy-duty one that is driving me nuts! It just never seems to line up right anymore :(

Here is my cover though.. It is from Scattered Squirrel, who has a TON of amazing FREE printables so definitely check that site out.

I added the 2017 and my name.

Sometimes, my questions have short answers :)

Have you been asked any good questions recently?

Mini Monday – Post 14 – My New Glasses

I had to get glasses.

I did NOT want them.

I got a paper from the nurse saying I needed them.

I was so upset during my eye exam.

When I sat in the chair and I couldn’t see the letters on the screen, I was upset.

My Mom got her glasses in 4th grade and I am in 4th grade now. My Dad got his glasses in 2nd grade. Mom thought I was going to get glasses last year in 3rd grade, but the eye doctor said no.

I shrugged and was still not happy about getting glasses, but I liked all the pretty frames I was allowed to try on.

I tried on all sorts of colors like green, red, purple, black and even gray. I chose the blue ones.

I think I made the right choice.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

 Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

Mom knew how much I was concerned about what the kids at school would think. She very rarely gets on camera, but she took a selfie with me to show me how proud she was of me.

Mini Monday - 14 - New Glasses: Tina B's World

See you next time!


Three Question Thursday 1.5.17



1. “I don’t know how to feel about Carrie Fisher’s death.”

Alright I admit it.. this isn’t a question. When I told Mini that Carrie had passed, she thought about it for a while then told me she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. 2016 was insane with the celebrity deaths, quite frankly. Every time I signed onto Twitter, I felt another piece of my childhood just slip away.

We are HUGE Star Wars fans, in case you didn’t know. Mini idolized Princess Leia. Mini always said Leia was a lady and a princess, but she also kicked butt. As we discussed it, the only thing I could tell Mini was that it was okay to be confused.

I said, “You loved Leia and everything she stood for, but you didn’t know Carrie personally. You know after the next movie, Leia will no longer appear and that makes you sad. It’s okay to mourn the loss of someone, no matter who it is and even if it is just a character.”

Mini has approached me since our talk and wants to discuss the upcoming movies and I’m sure the entire fandom is curious to see how the franchise deals with the death of the most badass Disney princess ever!

2. “Why do I need glasses?”

Uhhh cuz both your parents have poor eyesight and started wearing glasses in the 2nd (him) and 4th (me) grade? It seems like a “duh”, but Mini was very concerned about this. She thinks having glasses will alter her entire image. She was convinced she won’t be pretty anymore. She cried that her friends will not want to be seen with her. She expressed concern that a playground bully had slapped another child’s glasses off their face and she is worried it will happen to her.

glasses photo

I reminded her that her friends don’t hang out with her just because she’s pretty and has nice eyes (I might be slightly biased because it’s a carbon copy of my own eyes and face). They hang out with her because she has a great personality. she’s fun. She likes things like Star Wars or Cops & Robbers. She refers to her friends as “fans” (she’s a YouTube fanatic, sooo yeah). I’m raising a pretty great kid, if I do say so myself. She’s both sympathetic and empathetic. I remind her of all her good qualities. From the time of the exam to the time she received her glasses, Mini had time to think about it. She got used to the idea and even accepted her “new” identity.

I’ll save the pics for a Mini Monday post and let her tell you all about it :)

3. Did you get anything good for Christmas?

No. I’m an adult. Plus, when you’re a parent, it’s all about the kids.



This thing is SO. MUCH. FUN!

My inner nerd went nuts. My outer nerd went nuts. It was a nutsy time.

Have any questions I should answer? Leave them in the comments below :) 

My Word For 2017

When is a word not a word?

When it signals a lifestyle change.

Frankly stated, I’m not a fan of making resolutions.

In fact, they kinda make me feel like this:


I’m the type of person that feels like an absolute, miserable failure if I can’t or don’t accomplish something I really wanted to. It really starts to affect me. It alerts my anxiety daily and just keeps badgering me.

For 2017, I decided to jump on the “word bandwagon” and pick one. In the past, my anxiety coupled with procrastination has been my biggest hurdle. I decided my word for 2017 is….

Drumroll please….


My Word For 2017 - Tina B's World

I haven’t hit “publish” on some blog posts I’ve had waiting in the wings.

I have a few reviews I have been holding onto, trying to figure out how to word them.

There are PTA events coming up that I am in charge of and need to get to work on right away.

I need to reorganize my desk.

I need to finish reorganizing my den/office.

There are several books I started but never finished.

I’m going to stop letting my mind get the better of my and just DO the things on my to-do and must-do lists. It’s time to get my tuckus in gear and just get it all done.


What’s your word for 2017?

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

I have to say I enjoyed this one. The holidays come with their emotional baggage, but are usually a good time. Well, onto the pics!

Tis The Season… for hot soup! Our loaded potato soup, specifically. We start with a potato soup base and add cheddar, bacon bits and grilled chicken chunks. So. Insanely. Good. Also featured? My FAVE iced tea.. Strawberry Half & Half. YUM!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for boots! We purchased Mini her boots for winter and guess what? They are a WOMEN’S SIZE 8!!! Yup, we are in adult sizes now. Shoe shopping just got a bit more expensive!


Tis The Season… for fancy neckware and Christmas-card-worthy pics! The boys are wearing some ties we found at Five Below and the girls are all sporting some scarves we found at AC Moore. Yes, we pretty much deserve a medal for being able to get the dogs to look at us. The secret is to hold a treat right in front of the camera for the dogs to stare at and tell your (wo)mancub to look at the camera and don’t blink! HAHA!


Tis The Season… to paint ornaments! Mini was a bit bored one day so we dug these out of our craft closet, found some paint and VOILA!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for cozy sweaters! Cheyenne just recently turned 11 and we bought her a sweater for her birthday. She has a lot less hair than the other Pugs, so she gets chilly in the winter time. This is our solution :)

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

 Ok, so there are my five. I have three bonus pics for this challenge.

Tis The Season… for jingle bells! This is Biggie, one of our foster cats. We put the collar on him as a joke. He loved it so much that when I tried to take it off him, he hissed and took a swipe at me until I put it back on. Ok then, kitty. Sorry this pic is a bit blurry. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was taking it!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for cuddling with loved ones, resting up for holiday festivities!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

Tis The Season… for sales on Build-A-Bear bears and it’s always the season for Star Trek anything! Meet our newest addition, Live Long and ProspBear!

December 2016 Photo Challenge: Tis The Season

I love doing these photo challenges. If you’d like to link up, check out the challenge HERE.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!