Happy Birthday In Heaven, Mother!

If my Mother was still alive, she would be turning 61 today. As with every other year for the last 13, I take this day to honor her. I laugh and share memories of her (now with Mini). I listen to music that brings a smile to my face and sometimes, a tear to my …

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Blog Challenge – Topic 19

Facebook Page That Has Taught You A Lot, Made You Laugh, Etc. I have a lot of “likes” on Fb. Apparently, companies give you free crap for liking their pages. One page is really encouraging though. It’s called “Missing Loved Ones“. If you are missing anyone, whether through death, break-up, or whatever, this is an …

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Blog Challenge – Topic 14

A Review Ha! I don’t usually post reviews and now this will be the third review in a month! Oh well.. A change of pace is sometimes a good thing! If you live on Long Island, this review will be for you. If not, be jealous 🙂 Plasterkraze is a painting studio located in Selden, NY. …

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