Summer Movie #3: BEETHOVEN’S 2ND

I remember the first time I saw this movie. After seeing “Beethoven”, my siblings and I were excited for the sequel. I thought it was hilarious that they decided to give the lovable Saint Bernard a girlfriend and a family. Mini was watching the movie and saw Beethoven and Missy sniffing each other, then licking …

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Summer Activity Booked

Mini’s “official” summer activity will be BOWLING! One of her friends is signed up and she expressed interest in it. She is excited about starting this Thursday and I am happy she is going to do something. We were trying to schedule some playdates and such for later this week but the forecast has been …

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Summer Movie #1: BABE

I absolutely LOVE this movie! At the end when Farmer Hoggett says “That’ll do, Pig”.. Umm yeah.. GOOSEBUMPS! Obviously I get a message from the true meaning of the film. It’s about acceptance and willingness to beat the odds. It’s about trust and helping out someone who needs you. I could go on and on. …

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Summer Plans.. and the Tooth Fairy Has Gone Crazy!

Summer is here! Welcome to sunscreen and bug spray season! Time to put away the pants and sweaters then bust out the shorts, capris and tank tops. Time to plan endless parties, get-togethers, BBQs, whatever you call them. Time to take stock in Banana Boat after-sun lotion and Soothe-A-Caine. Time to buy the refills for …

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