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Enjoy Your Youth

Mortgage and tax bills. Blah. Electric bill. Oh yay… a rate hike. Oil bill. Almost as high as the mortgage bill for pete’s sake! Car note. I wanted that fancy new suv (my dream car, after all!), but it doesn’t make me cringe any less. Water bill. I do love my showers. Insurance for car …

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Marriage Advice From Your Older Sister

Recently, two of my younger siblings got engaged. Being that they are 8 and 12 years younger than me, that pill has been a little hard to swallow. They’re the “little” siblings and it’s hard to believe they’re already old enough to get hitched. This is kind of like an open letter to them. Yes, …

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To Friend or Not to Friend

Friend requests. Any Facebook/social media user, whether avid or periodic, is faced with these at one time or another. Most times, accepting or declining is a no-brainer. Other times? Not so much. The request might sit in the box for days before you make a decision. Why? Well, Facebook has made it abundantly easy to …

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Blog Challenge – Topic 16

Compare Two Things *Phone Calls vs Text Messages* It seems that everyone has an opinion on this one way or another. Obviously when it comes to people like my Grandmother who only uses her cell phone to call when she needs to use up minutes, a phone call is the way to go. If there …

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