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Blog Challenge – Topic 16

Compare Two Things

*Phone Calls vs Text Messages*

It seems that everyone has an opinion on this one way or another. Obviously when it comes to people like my Grandmother who only uses her cell phone to call when she needs to use up minutes, a phone call is the way to go.

If there is something important to discuss, a phone call should be made. A text would be acceptable if it says something along the lines of asking if the person has a minute to discuss something.

It drives me CRAZY when someone wants me to detail a whole story over text. Yes I can type fast but there is a lot of detail you will miss so a phone call is better. Or if I have to use multiple messages, there is a chance the messages will get to you out of order. Think of how confusing that is!

You can’t tell a person’s tone with a text. Even if the person is known for being the comedian of the group, something light-hearted could come across as harsh.

Texting is good when you want to carry on a conversation but you know the person may not be able to get back to you right away. It’s not important. Most likely, it’s stupid and pointless but it’s a fun or interesting conversation to have anyways. My friends and I have these types of conversations all the time.


(Two hours later) Text back.

(Half hour later). Text back.

When you have time, you respond. Plain and simple. I’m not one of those people who expects you to drop everything and respond to me right away. I know those types though. If they don’t hear from you in a few minutes, they call you. “Did you get my text?”

“Yeah. I have three dogs that all need baths. Can I text back when I’m not shoulder deep in dog shampoo bubbles?”

“Well did you at least read it?”

YUP. That really happened once. I thought your call was important. I didn’t realize crazy was visiting for a spell.

The only thing worse is a text AFTER a voicemail. I hate voicemail as it is, but to make me listen to your message then get a text saying the same dim-damn thing? Now THAT is annoying.

I’ll leave this to the audience.. Do you prefer calls or texts?

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