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Blog Challenge – Topic 15

Write a “Top” List

My Top 5 Lip Balms

First off, let me state that I am NOT really girly. I may get my nails done but I’m not afraid to break one if I need to. I would most likely just glue it back on and go about my day!


I will admit I am a smudge obsessed with lip stuff. The allergy meds I am on dry out my lips pretty bad sometimes. Small price to pay to not get asthmatic bronchitis to ruin my Christmas season though :). That being said, here are my top things..

1. Mission Skincare Mint Lip Balmer – NY Mets

It’s a great product! I use it daily. They have almost every MLB team available. Find it HERE.

2. Aquafina FlavorSplash Lip Balm

The first time I saw this in a store, I bought it for the novelty that it was made by Aquafina. I was hoping it would leave my lips hydrated and it did! I absolutely love it and love the multi-packs so I can leave one in all my bags. I found it in a regular store, but you can order it online from the Aquafina Skincare website HERE.

3. Avon Care Deeply Lip Balm

This is great for the winter! It helps cut down on the need for a lip scrub, which I have and it works but it’s time-consuming when I need to get ready to leave.. You can get this from any Avon rep near you.

4. EOS lip balms

These are definitely the easiest to find in my cavernous purse with their bright colors! They don’t taste bad either which is good for my picky little Mini.

5. ChapStick’s new flavors

Good ole tried and true ChapStick. Did you know they come in “Green Apple” and “Raspberry Creme” now? Well they do and they are awesome!

As an honorable mention, I add Nivea’s line. The Lip Butters are always in my purse. Mini loves the taste so I have to keep them from her! Also, the “Kiss” line is amazing too (moisture, mint and shimmer are all in my make-up stock).

Well looky there. No glosses. HA! Oh well.

Actually, I’ve been told the “secret” for shiny lips is either triple antibiotic or some vaseline. It’s old-school but it works 🙂

**Oh, by the way, no these are NOT affiliate links. I’m not getting paid a thing to name-drop any of these brands or products 🙂

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