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Bad News Comes in Threes, Cute Things Come in Fours

I’m taking part of a blog challenge this month.

At least, I’m going to try.

Today’s theme is ‘Fours”.

It got me thinking.. what do I have four of?


So here are some ridiculously cute collages starring my four babies. I try my best to put them in age order, so each collage is Jordan (15), Jack (14), Koko (12) & Mookie (4).

First, the distraction: our pups love having their pics taken.. so we use it to distract them so we can sneak up on them and put medicine on their noses. Genius, right?

Next, bandanas. These are our go-to outfits for group pics. Jack LOVES wearing his bandanas. Anyone who follows my babies on Instagram knows he throws a fit when we take his outfits off.

Finally, having Senior pups means they sleep. A LOT. So some sleepy-time and resting pics:

There you have it. My entry for Fours.

Hope you enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “Bad News Comes in Threes, Cute Things Come in Fours”

  1. Why do you have four pugs? I mean, I totally get it, I would probably want pugs by the dozen 😉 Luckily my husband reins in my crazy animal wants. I have four cats and one tortoise, and if it wasn’t for him I’d probably also have a lot more. My older brother and his wife have nine cats and two dogs, my one sister has like five cats and a dog, another sister has a rat and one cat, my mom has ten cats (???), three dogs, a bird, a lizard (to be fair the bird and lizard belong to my brother who lives there), and I don’t know how many chickens. My dad has zero pets. Guess who we took after 😀

    1. We totally didn’t plan on having 5 dogs (we also have a giant dog). We got Jordan a long time ago when we were dating. He and our other Pug Cheyenne (who passed in 2017) were purchased from pet stores. We didn’t know rescue places existed back then. After we purchased our house, we set out to find a bigger dog. I was thinking lab or retriever size. In 2013, we found Eli-Princess (our big dog) at a rescue. We were good with three. In 2014, a local family posted on the district page saying they needed a new home for their Pug and we adopted him (Jack). Koko and Mookie came to us in 2016. They were posted on Facebook because their owner went into hospice. I can’t imagine not having a house full of dogs now. If I had a bigger house, I’d totally have more! One of the reasons I started my online Pug store was to help alleviate some cost so I could maybe possible adopt more 🙂 I’m nuts, what can I say? Ha!

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