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I hit a milestone this year: I turned 40. Since it’s my 40th birthday – I’ve officially joined the Over-40 Club! I don’t understand why people dread this. I didn’t understand it at 30 either. I’ve always looked forward to turning 40. ALSO OF NOTE: Mini also started high school this week. Two huge milestones within […]

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What’s In A Name?

I’ll be honest: I have a love/hate relationship with my name. Okay it’s not my name so much as people’s reactions to it (wait til you hear my birthday!). via GIPHY “Tina. Is that your full name?” “Tina. Is that short for something?” Yes. Yes, it is. In school, I always wondered that if Tina

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This post contains an affiliate link. If you click the link, I receive a small compensation for your purchase.  I’ll be completely honest: my 37th year of life broke me. [Tweet “Crazy stuff has always happened in my life, but this year was pivotal for me! ’38’ –”] I had to rethink who I

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Music Monday – A Tribute to My Mini for her 12th Birthday!

My baby is 12.. She’s finishing up her first year of Middle School. Third Quarter brought some of the most emotionally, mentally and physically challenging events we’ve ever been through.. and she pulled some of the highest marks of the year! Although she is addicted to her phone (her other nickname is BackOfAnIphone), I still

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June 2018 Photo Challenge – FUN

The end of school. Summer vacation begins. New routines commence. Mini has a birthday. So do two of our Pugs, Jack and Mookie. Lots of fun, exciting things happen in June. Field Day. Mini’s field day was held off campus at a park. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and breezy. As Mini went through

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Three Question Thursday 10.19.17

How did you feel watching “The Last Jedi” Trailer? Excited! SOOOO excited! There was some very clever editing in the trailer so I can’t wait to see how this part of the saga goes. If you haven’t seen it, here ya go! What are your plans for Halloween? We are going pumpkin picking with friends

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Three Question Thursday 1.12.17

Here are my 3 questions for this week.. 1. What are you looking forward to this coming year? Mini’s first concert! Since all of my younger siblings are out of school now, we haven’t been to any school concerts in recent years. I’m pumped for this coming May! Just this week, her lessons were increased

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Three Question Thursday 9.8.16

Here’s my three.. 1. If you played for Major League Baseball, what would your walk-up song be?  I can’t tell you how much this stumped me. I thought about it for days, weeks even… What song describes me? What song would get me pumped up to hit a home run? What song comes in clutch

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Three Questions Thursday 8.11.16

My three questions for the week: 1. What do you want for your birthday?  My birthday is a month from today. It’s weird getting questions like this when you’re an adult. What do you really tell people? All I want is the same cake I get from Benkert’s Bakery (located in Centereach, NY – worth

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Mini Monday – Post 8 – Revenge of the 5th: More Bday Pics

Mini Monday also happens on a Thursday this week 🙂 Hello Everyone! I promised you some pics from my Star Wars bday party of the food. My parents came up with some great names for the food and drinks. They don’t know if anyone else has used these names because they didn’t have time to

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