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What’s In A Name?

I’ll be honest: I have a love/hate relationship with my name. Okay it’s not my name so much as people’s reactions to it (wait til you hear my birthday!).

“Tina. Is that your full name?”

“Tina. Is that short for something?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

In school, I always wondered that if Tina was actually short for something, wouldn’t my legal name appear on the attendance list?

It’s sometimes hard to find it on personalized merchandise in stores so I kind of see that as my name is unique. In case you were wondering, Mini’s first name is Davina. She can’t find personalized “merch” in stores either. HA, child! Share in Mama’s misery!

Being that the name appears to be unique, I started to research it.

Have you ever researched the meaning of your name?

I remember doing a lot of research when I was pregnant with Mini, but I never bothered looking up my own name.

So I got curious. I mean why not, right?

Here’s what I found:

There is a Tina Lake in Anchorage, Alaska. You can go fishing there! *Adds to Bucket List*

Quite a few of the famous Tinas aren’t actually named Tina. That’s disappointing!

Every site I find has different stats and meaning.

Names.org allows user submissions and this is what they had to say:

I’m loving these meanings! Red flower, Goddess of Love, Mother.

Names also had this to say though:

MyFirstName.Rocks has a personality summary before the meanings. Mine is mostly spot on! Apparently, I’m meant to be a boss (well, duh!) and don’t like taking orders (yup). I’m perceived as someone who is mysterious, independent, and respectable. I state my needs/opinions clearly for others to take notice and tend to be aggressive when pushed.


A little nominative determination (most likely vocation): administrator, supervisor, industrialist, builder, politician, printer, publisher, engineer, philosopher, social scientist, public speaker, leader in commerce or travel and tourism. I’ve been told I should be in politics so many times.

It’s interesting that the sites can’t seem to agree on what my name’s origin is.

They all seem to agree that it is not a common name anymore.

Does this mean Tyne Daly and I have practically the same name? I’d be honored! River is a new meaning. I’ve never seen that one before. The translations and different spellings in other languages is beautiful.

If you’re a boy named Tina, PLEASE contact me! I’m serious. That would be so cool.

I should have researched this sooner.. that was so interesting!

Some of it was unexpected, how each site reports different stats.

If you’re interested in looking up your own name, here are links to my resources:






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