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Six Going On SevenTEEN!

Mini’s 7th birthday is coming up in June. I prefer to slowly take a few months to plan it than to plan everything in a few weeks. I make a bunch of decisions in January then slowly buy all the decorations and invites.

Since invites go out in early May, we usually hammer down a wish list by the end of April. Basically, it’s her Christmas wish list, just modified. Some family and friends send the gifts as soon as the invites are out so it’s best to have it done.

Mini decided to get a jump on this. The ad from Bed, Bath and Beyond (my Mothership!) came in the mail today. Usually, Mini pays it no mind but today she was extremely interested in it. I walked into the kitchen to make myself some coffee and by the time I came back, Mini had the ad open. Marker in hand, she was busily circling things. When she got to the back cover, she looked at me and smiled “I’m done.”

Me: “Done with what?”

“My birthday list. Can I have my list here instead of Toys R Us?”

I start laughing then I realize she’s serious. “Why?”

“You can’t get my favorite candles and all this cool stuff at a toy store.” She’s referring to Yankee candles, which we smell every time we’re there but we only purchase the littles for the car.

“Oh really.. And what do you want?”

“Don’t worry. I circled everything.” She hands me the circular, beaming.

Here is her list:

  • The NINJA Professional Blender (apparently my 3yo NINJA isn’t good enough anymore)
  • ProGlass Food Storage Set (because my Tupperware is outdated too)
  • BluApple (she consumes fruit pretty quick so we don’t even need this)
  • Charles Viancin 11″ Dahlia Silicone Lid (because using a dinner plate to cover a serving bowl is so unrefined for her tastes)
  • Crosley Culinary Prep Kitchen Cart (I was told I will find room for this)
  • K-cups and SodaStream mix refills (we have plenty of both)
  • Memory Foam HD Kitchen Mat (I like the one I just got thanks)
  • Yankee Candles (she’s picky about scents but she likes the color of the one in the ad)
  • Stretch Sterling Furniture Cover (so she can cuddle with the dogs and not worry about hair on her bed, which the dogs aren’t allowed on anyway)
  • Seven different sheet sets (I’m allowed to narrow it down to “3 or 4”. Gee thanks kid!)
  • 60-pair Commercial Grade Rolling Shoe Rack (my shoe tree is so small)
  • Shark Pro Steam and Spray Mop (because my mop is so old-fashioned)
  • SureFit Pet Furniture Cover (for the couch in the den)
  • Large Pet Bed (when Eli-Princess stops eating beds, we’ll get her a new one – no sooner!)
  • Glass Body Analysis Scale (she wants her own glass scale – the white one I have in the bathroom is “dirty”)
  • OXO Strong Hold Suction Grip Bar (to help her in and out of the shower)
  • Elysburg 3 Light Vanity Fixture (“for my desk – so I can see what I’m coloring” For $150, this light better color FOR you as well!)
  • Kids Sling Chair (because the patio furniture I have isn’t Mini-sized)
  • Assorted Tervis Tumblers (she doesn’t even use the ones she has when it’s not baseball season for her)
  • Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Seating Set (what’s wrong with our current patio set??)
  • Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush (she saw this on a commercial last week and asked for it)

Soooo is this child turning 7 or 17? This list reads like a bridal registry for goodness sake! We’re going to stick to Toys R Us but maybe it’s time to update some of Mini’s things. A small few of her requests were reasonable. The rest? I don’t know what she was thinking!

Hope you got a laugh out of this like I did!

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