Farewell, Old Friend!

After 15.5 years of kisses, cuddles and love.. our eldest Pug, Jordan, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. We didn’t know about rescues in 2004, so we found Jordan in a pet store. I remember looking at a bunch of pups and seeing all of them just go berserk at the sight of people.. except …

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Photo or Image?

Blog Challenge: Share a photo or image. You don’t have to tell me twice! I use any excuse to showcase my furkids.. Top: Jordan & Jack Bottom: Koko & Mookie Can’t forget my Eli-Princess! Isn’t she just GORGEOUS?? She was such a cute pup and grew into a gorgeous giant. What kinds of pics or …

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The Sunday Seven

Blog Challenge: A “Top 10” or any kind of list you want. I’m choosing a “Seven Sleeps” theme, which is really just an excuse to post some pics of my pups 🙂 I present to you.. “7 Ways My Dogs Sleep” The “Senior Sleep” Anyone with an older dog (Jordan is 15) knows it’s possible …

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A Thousand Emotions..

Blog Challenge: Share a Photograph. If a picture says a thousand words, it might also convey a thousand emotions. Sometimes, it’s just plain chaos. I decided to share an outtake of our Christmas card. Eli-Princess is just done with this whole picture thing (big dog = little patience). Mookie has a cute pose with her …

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Bad News Comes in Threes, Cute Things Come in Fours

I’m taking part of a blog challenge this month. At least, I’m going to try. Today’s theme is ‘Fours”. It got me thinking.. what do I have four of? PUGS! So here are some ridiculously cute collages starring my four babies. I try my best to put them in age order, so each collage is …

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