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May 2019 Photo Challenge: Your Month, Your Choice

I haven’t participated in a photo challenge in a few months. Mostly, it’s because I forget to check the Fb page for the challenge.

So here are my five for May:

Mini, her F’real shake.. and a stuffed llama

She’s obsessed with llamas right now. She’s even having a llama themed party in a few weeks. She found this beanie baby at Quick Chek when we stopped in for a shake and sandwich.

Mookie and her incredibly strong side-eye game

Seriously, no one gives side-eye like a Pug!

My Mother’s Day present

The Princess Bride is a movie we all love and quote daily!

Pugs & Bubbles

We finally had some not-rainy weather one day (notice the lack of sun though) so we went outside with the dogs. Jordan used to love and chase bubbles. He’s mostly blind and deaf now, but he was so happy when he was able to focus on one in front of him. He loves when they pop on him. His tail went nuts!

The Aftermath

Being outside for any extended period of time is impossible in the winter! Nicer weather brings more chances. The dogs are all EXHAUSTED when we are done though.

BONUS: Mini & Spider-Man

Mini’s obsession with Spider-Man goes way back! After our district art show (where Mini had TWO projects featured – way to go kiddo!), we stopped at Red Shirt Comics for Free Comic Book Day. Spider-Man was there and Mini had the most appropriate sweatshirt. Who wore it better?

BONUS 2: Cake

Our local dessert truck (Yes, I know – be jealous!) makes the BEST chocolate chip funfetti bundt cakes! We got one as my Mother’s Day cake this year. So pretty and soooooo delicious! If you’re on Long Island, make sure you stop at Desserts on the Spot. It’s worth the trip!

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8 thoughts on “May 2019 Photo Challenge: Your Month, Your Choice”

    1. Thank you!! That was my fave too. I did a triple-take when I was going through my phone later that day. I couldn’t believe how good the shot came out. I’m seriously considering printing it.

    1. I can’t remember if it was PopSugar or Apartment Therapy, but Llamas are supposed to be “in” this year. Modcloth and World Market has some really cute llama goodness.

      AND A HOUSE FULL OF PUGS. Life, you are doing it right.

      1. It’s weird, when we had two and then three dogs, I never imagined having more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
        I guess since I have a tweenager, I should be doing more research on what’s hip so I can keep up.. oh lord now I sound like my parents!

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