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Mental Health & Other Cause Resources

Here are some great resources for:

*Mental Health

*Foster Care & Adoption

*Domestic Violence

*Multiple Sclerosis

*A Few of My Fave Causes

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On Our Sleeves – The Movement for Children’s Mental Health Care
  • Discussion Guides for Parents & Local Resources 
Guide to Early Childhood Mental Health 
  • Types of Early Childhood Mental Health Problems
  • Causes of Early Childhood Mental Health Issues
  • Symptoms of Early Childhood Mental Health
  • What to Do If You Think a Child Might Have Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Resources
  • And much more!

A big THANK YOU to Billy for sharing this resource with us! 

Online Counseling Programs
  • 133 Mental Health & Learning Resources for Kids & Teens
Crisis Text Line
  • Self-Harm Information & Help
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Hotline (call directly from the site) & Resources
Narcissist Information & Resources
  • If you think you might be a victim of narcissistic abuse, please check this site out. 
  • THE go-to site for Resources, Videos, Personal Consultations
CHE Behavioral Health Services 
  • FREE “Check Your Mood” Health Screening. 
  • Access to Outpatient Telehealth Therapy, Telehealth Psychiatry, In-Person Therapy Alongside Psychiatrists and Physicians
SAHMSA – Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
  • Hotline (call directly from the site)
  • 24/7/365 referral & info service
  • For mental and/or substance use disorders
  • Mental Health Education 
  • Articles, Videos, Live Classes
  • Special sections for Patients, Parents, Students, & Professionals 
Boca Recovery Center  
  • Article Link – Depression & Addiction: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment 
  • 24/7 Helpline: (800) 516-4357 
  • Medical Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Outpatient Treatment 

Thank you to Julie for sending this resource to me! 

Together We Rise – Helping Children in Foster Care
  • Connecting with and supporting children in foster care.

*Did you know that foster children are given a trash bag to put their belongings in if they are moved to another home?*

  • Because of this, a part of TWR’s mission is to give these children duffel bag they can call their own.
  • Check out their site and consider making a purchase or donation 
Child Welfare Information Gateway 
  • This is a link to the Foster Care Month page, but there is a link to access resources year-round. 
Adopt Together 
  • Have you ever heard a story from parents who want to adopt, but can’t afford it?
  • Wish you could help them out? This site helps you do just that.
  • Search through stories and donate to help these awesome people. 
Adopt US Kids 
  • Info and resources to connect children in foster care with families and support the child welfare system.
Center for Parent Information & Resources 

Info and resources about foster care:

  • Welcoming disabled children
  • Lists of adoption and foster care focused organizations
  • Support group information 
National Council for Adoption 

Info and resources from experts:

  • Adoption issues
  • Advocating for policies that benefit children in the system 
Focus on the Family 
  • Books, podcasts, and DVDs
  • Guides, website links, Q&As
  • Referrals about adoption and foster care 
Health Insurance Options for At-Risk, Vulnerable & Homeless Youth  

Here is a sobering fact: 23,000 children will age out of the foster care system each year. (Source: Focus on the Family). This means that they will be at a loss when it comes to health insurance. 

Good news: there is an option!

The website linked above has information on:

  • Types of coverage available
  • How to get coverage
  • Links to helpful resources 

It’s a great tool to have on hand and a great big THANK YOU goes out to Jackie for bringing this valuable resource to our attention! 

National Domestic Violence Hotline  

Resources and information: 

  • Getting help
  • Identifying abuse
  • Creating a safety plan  

Confidential services that support:

  • Reporting to police
  • Crisis counseling
  • Safe house connections
  • Solutions for immediate as well as long-term situations
  • EVERYTHING you didn’t know you needed to know is on this site, so it is a must-click
  • Educational guides and resources
  • Local chapter information and links
  • Fundraising info
  • Education, events and teleconference links 
  • Online magazine
  • Volunteer and outreach opportunities
  • For both patients and caregivers to connect with peers as well as healthcare professionals
  • Educational materials in addition to plenty of useful links  
  • Education and information for the MS Community 
  • Comprehensive newsletter with news about local and national events, as well as webinars  *certainly a must-subscribe
  • Some fantastic gifts you can purchase where a portion of the profits go to MS research and help spread awareness
  • From their website: “Every time you order from Til Valhalla Project, you help deliver memorial plaques to the families of fallen Heroes (at a complete surprise to them) and you donate towards reducing veteran suicide. “
  • A worthy cause. Our Vets deserve our eternal gratitude, which is why I fully support this cause. 

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