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30. Here’s something you might not know about me: I’m adopted. Yep.. on this day back in 1993, my biological Mother officially relinquished my younger sister and I to our then-foster parents. That makes today the 30th anniversary of our adoption. My situation wasn’t a typical one. My Mother had Multiple Sclerosis and was wheelchair-bound. […]

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Mental Health & Other Cause Resources

Here are some great resources for: *Mental Health *Foster Care & Adoption *Domestic Violence *Multiple Sclerosis *A Few of My Fave Causes -> Check back soon! <- This page will be updated from time to time because it’s important to have updated information. On Our Sleeves – The Movement for Children’s Mental Health Care Discussion

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Al Trautwig and Parent Labels

I actually kinda sympathize with Al Trautwig. Let me tell you why. For those of you who don’t know, I’m adopted. [Tweet “I’m adopted and I understand what Al Trautwig thought he was saying.”] And we need to talk about it. Not just my adoption, but adoption as a whole and family dynamics. I’ll start

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