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Here’s something you might not know about me:

I’m adopted.

Yep.. on this day back in 1993, my biological Mother officially relinquished my younger sister and I to our then-foster parents.


That makes today the 30th anniversary of our adoption.

My situation wasn’t a typical one. My Mother had Multiple Sclerosis and was wheelchair-bound. The state took two of us away (there were four of us) back in 1989.

Since there wasn’t much research done back then, my Mother was pretty much paralyzed by 1995 and went into a nursing home. She was the same age I am now – 42. She would pass four years later, at 47.

My adoption was open, completely. My foster/adopted parents and my Mother actually grew to love each other like family. One year, my parents even hosted my Mother, brother and sister for Christmas.

Because I know my situation is extremely out of the ordinary and I actually consider myself lucky I was in only one home.

  • Most kids end up in the system for years and then age out.
  • Some are sent back to live with parents who shouldn’t be parents.
  • Some are bounced from home to home because again: some people shouldn’t be parents.
The holidays are an especially crazy time for foster kids.

There are many charities that help get presents to foster kids. I know things are tough for most right now, but if you have some to spare, please consider donating to one of the organizations you find in a simple Google search.

Here’s a clickable link of the search I did:

If you want to do your own search, try using search terms like “foster kids Christmas” or “foster kids Christmas presents”. You will find a bunch of local places. Please consider donating to them. 


Happy 30th, Mom & Dad. 

Thank you & I love you.


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