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A Thousand Emotions..

Blog Challenge: Share a Photograph. If a picture says a thousand words, it might also convey a thousand emotions. Sometimes, it’s just plain chaos. I decided to share an outtake of our Christmas card. Eli-Princess is just done with this whole picture thing (big dog = little patience). Mookie has a cute pose with her […]

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Music Monday – A Tribute to My Mini for her 12th Birthday!

My baby is 12.. She’s finishing up her first year of Middle School. Third Quarter brought some of the most emotionally, mentally and physically challenging events we’ve ever been through.. and she pulled some of the highest marks of the year! Although she is addicted to her phone (her other nickname is BackOfAnIphone), I still

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May 2019 Photo Challenge: Your Month, Your Choice

I haven’t participated in a photo challenge in a few months. Mostly, it’s because I forget to check the Fb page for the challenge. So here are my five for May: Mini, her F’real shake.. and a stuffed llama She’s obsessed with llamas right now. She’s even having a llama themed party in a few

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November 2018 Photo Challenge: Nom Nom Nom

This month’s Photo Challenge theme was Nom Nom Nom. The holidays are definitely a time for food. The day after Halloween, we dumped out Mini’s trick-or-treat pillowcase. There is a house in my parents’ neighborhood that hands out a GALLON SIZE Ziploc bag FULL of goodies. They’ve been doing it at least the last three

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August 2018 Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

This month’s photo challenge theme is Photographer’s Choice. August sped by, yet dragged at times. We had some great times. Here are my five pics for this month: Mini’s First Riding Lesson As a present for her birthday, Mini’s grandparents purchased her a riding lesson. She was able to meet and groom the horse, then

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Clipping Memories

  Disclosure: I received this item at a discount in exchange for sharing about it. All opinions are my own.  Pictures.  I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of them. Pics of my kid. Pics of my dogs. Random pics of family members or beachy scenery. You get the gist. I do

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June 2018 Photo Challenge – FUN

The end of school. Summer vacation begins. New routines commence. Mini has a birthday. So do two of our Pugs, Jack and Mookie. Lots of fun, exciting things happen in June. Field Day. Mini’s field day was held off campus at a park. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and breezy. As Mini went through

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2017 All Summed Up In A Photo Book

Mini’s 2017 was chock full of ups and downs. There were some pretty sad times and some great times. Some firsts and some good-byes. Mini went to the Bronx Zoo for the first time! It was raining, but she and her Dad had a blast! We also lost one of our beloved Pugs, which was

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Photo Challenge October 2017

Photographer’s Choice. I decided to hand the reins over to Mini this month because she wanted to share some pics. She went upstate with my parents to visit some family and got some great pics while riding in the car. Disclosure: All photos were taken on her Samsung Galaxy S5 and she sometimes forgets to

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Three Question Thursday 10.19.17

How did you feel watching “The Last Jedi” Trailer? Excited! SOOOO excited! There was some very clever editing in the trailer so I can’t wait to see how this part of the saga goes. If you haven’t seen it, here ya go! What are your plans for Halloween? We are going pumpkin picking with friends

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