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From 5 to 4.

Blog Challenge Day 4: Great Things That Come in Fours. Confession: this is a bittersweet post. Last time I did this challenge, I posted about my 4 Pugs. Since then, we lost our eldest, Jordan. We are down to 4 dogs total now, so I am going to gratuitously post some cute pics of them […]

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Photo or Image?

Blog Challenge: Share a photo or image. You don’t have to tell me twice! I use any excuse to showcase my furkids.. Top: Jordan & Jack Bottom: Koko & Mookie Can’t forget my Eli-Princess! Isn’t she just GORGEOUS?? She was such a cute pup and grew into a gorgeous giant. What kinds of pics or

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The Sunday Seven

Blog Challenge: A “Top 10” or any kind of list you want. I’m choosing a “Seven Sleeps” theme, which is really just an excuse to post some pics of my pups 🙂 I present to you.. “7 Ways My Dogs Sleep” The “Senior Sleep” Anyone with an older dog (Jordan is 15) knows it’s possible

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A Thousand Emotions..

Blog Challenge: Share a Photograph. If a picture says a thousand words, it might also convey a thousand emotions. Sometimes, it’s just plain chaos. I decided to share an outtake of our Christmas card. Eli-Princess is just done with this whole picture thing (big dog = little patience). Mookie has a cute pose with her

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May 2019 Photo Challenge: Your Month, Your Choice

I haven’t participated in a photo challenge in a few months. Mostly, it’s because I forget to check the Fb page for the challenge. So here are my five for May: Mini, her F’real shake.. and a stuffed llama She’s obsessed with llamas right now. She’s even having a llama themed party in a few

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5 Completely Gratuitous Pug & Hound Pictures

For those of you on Long Island and in the surrounding areas, it has been raining constantly! While we were attempting to take advantage of the non-rainy weather one day and test out some bubble wands, we brought the dogs outside. Here are some pics from our day:           Hope you

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Time to Groom the Doggies!

  I received a discount on these gloves to complete this review. All opinions, pictures and jealous Puggins are all my own 🙂  For all you non-doggo owners, here’s a news flash: shedding season is in FULL effect! One of my Pugs has a really thick coat and when he sheds, you can tug/brush big

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Three Question Thursday 10.19.17

How did you feel watching “The Last Jedi” Trailer? Excited! SOOOO excited! There was some very clever editing in the trailer so I can’t wait to see how this part of the saga goes. If you haven’t seen it, here ya go! What are your plans for Halloween? We are going pumpkin picking with friends

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Happy Love Your Pets Day!

We make no secret that we LOVE our pets here 🙂 We always welcome our visitors’ canine companions as well. The more the merrier! This is our squad (the very definition of “squad goals” if you ask me!): Eli-Princess just turned 4 and she is the big one in the back. Our Pugs are (from

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June 2015 Photo Blogging Challenge: “Anything Goes”

We have been SUPER BUSY around here! I have taken a photo or two (or a TON) and it was actually pretty hard coming up with my top 5 from the past month, but here goes. 1. Mini had her first Arnold Palmer Half & Half Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts For those of you who

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