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The Sunday Seven

Blog Challenge: A “Top 10” or any kind of list you want.

I’m choosing a “Seven Sleeps” theme, which is really just an excuse to post some pics of my pups 🙂

I present to you..

“7 Ways My Dogs Sleep”

The “Senior Sleep”

Anyone with an older dog (Jordan is 15) knows it’s possible that little tongue will make an appearance when they are sleeping peacefully.

The “I’ll Stand Watch”

Okay.. this is cute, but it’s actually Mookie being a jerk to Eli-Princess because EP takes up the whole bed and Mookie wants the bed to herself. There is literally a twin bed for them to lay on, but they fight over this one..

The “I Swear We Have More Than One Bed”

Large dog bed, twin bed, smaller bed and they all cram into this one!

The “Jack is Kind of a Jerk”

Jack has a tendency to just cram his chubby tuckus in between his Pug siblings. He will climb on top of them until one of them moves. If you ask him what he’s doing, he acts like he can’t hear you. It’s fine.. this pic was right before we picked up Koko for nail clipping anyway 🙂

The “Loner”

Jordan sleeps alone a lot. He’s kind of a curmudgeon at times, but he’s cute anyway. #RollsForDays

The “Leg Out”

When Jack is warm, he throws his legs out or to the side. It’s so cute!

The “Young Ones”

Eli-Princess & Mookie are the only ones who can get up on the bed without assistance, so they sleep there most often.. when they’re not fighting over the small brown bed! Mookie LOVES that stuffed bunny as a pillow. Eli loves whatever hoodie or t-shirt of ours she can find and drag up there.

There’s my Sunday Seven 🙂

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