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All Good Things..

Blog Challenge Day 30: What You Learned/Monthly Wrap-Up What did I learn this month? I prefer batching blog posts. Doing one a day was difficult. The most fun was coming up with post titles. For me, that’s the most fun I have in the whole process, although it causes me to spend a lot of […]

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A Blog Freaking Deal

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. My dogs thank you in advance for the treats 🙂  Blog Challenge Day 29: List A Few of your Fave Blogs A few blogs I read regularly or recommend to other people… Money

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Be My Guest!

Blog Challenge Day 28: Guest Post For this post, I decided to ask Davina to answer the questions from our Monthly Activity Kit for April (update: our monthly kits aren’t available anymore, but our 2021 kit is HERE). Here are her answers: 1.How did you meet your first best friend? School. I meet all my

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Who Put That There?

Blog Challenge Day 27: Challenges in Life We’re supposed to write about challenges and how to handle them. Here are my thoughts: We all encounter challenges in life whether it’s related to our finances, relationships, work, conflict, or illness. There are many things that we desire, but there are always challenges that we must overcome

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Famous Recipes!

Blog Challenge Day 26: Profile a Customer or Blog Reader I decided not to do this. Instead, I’m sharing a list of awesome famous recipes that have been released recently. First off, IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs. Anyone who knows me knows my love for IKEA. I was pumped when I found this.. although I would LOVE

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Here’s My 10 Cents..

Blog Challenge Day 25: Your two cents on the news. via GIPHY Yeah I’m pretty sure everyone knows what is going on in the world.. so I’m going to focus on news in the world of Multiple Sclerosis. Where do I get my MS news? Direct from the National MS Society. You can start by

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What Did You Just Ask Me?

Blog Challenge Day 24: An Interview. For this post, I decided to let Mini ask me five questions. Here goes.. 1. Why the name Davina? Confession: growing up, I idolized (in secret of course – my religious parents would have flipped over my idolization) Princess Diana. Her nickname was Di, so I knew that’s what

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Do I Really Have to Wear Shades?

Blog Challenge Day 21: Imagine the Future Right now, the future looks a little bleak. I’m talking about after the quarantine thing is over. I have a lot to do in a seemingly little bit of time. Maybe I’m not thinking positively enough or trying to short change my timeline. via GIPHY How long does

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