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A Cup or Three..

Blog Challenge Day 22: Have Coffee With a Reader.. What would you want them to know?

I really should revamp my About Me page with this info. Maybe after this challenge is over?

First off, I love coffee! I’m always up for having coffee and sharing ideas.

Second, I blog about things that interest me and things that I think will help people (like reviews) and I am planning on expanding on that. I also have online stores with Printables and Pug-themed items.

Third, I have another blog. It’s called “Grandma Stories” and you can find it HERE. I originally started that blog to share about my own grandmother who passed in 2015. I’ve decided to open it up as a spot for people to submit their stories of their own grandmas (and grandpas too!) because I love sharing stories.

Fourth, I love my dogs and use any excuse to post pics of them 🙂

What would you tell someone about your blog?

3 thoughts on “A Cup or Three..”

  1. I try not to tell anyone about my blog ever, ha. Or my Instagram for my turtle apparently. We had some people come to remove some debris from a halted home project, and they wanted to see the tortoise and asked lots of questions, then my husband looked at me and was like, are you going to plug his Instagram right now? And my brain went fritz and was like erm, no I guess not. PR is not my forte, ha.

    I struggle with my About page on my blog, I tried to update it this past weekend but still not happy with it.

    1. Kinda wish I had seen this before I added you to a list in another post 🙁
      I can delete the link if you want.

      1. Oh, I have no qualms with OTHER people promoting my stuff, I just don’t like doing it myself, ha. Like, if my husband just said that the turtle had an Instagram and said the name that would be fine, but putting ME on the spot to promote… I don’t like it, ha. One time a friend of mine told a friend of hers about my blog and that friend then binged a bunch of posts, I didn’t mind that. But I’m not going to tell most of the people I know about my own blog! I’m just weird like that I guess.

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