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Do I Really Have to Wear Shades?

Blog Challenge Day 21: Imagine the Future

Right now, the future looks a little bleak. I’m talking about after the quarantine thing is over. I have a lot to do in a seemingly little bit of time.

Maybe I’m not thinking positively enough or trying to short change my timeline.

How long does it actually take to get your life back on track?

How long does the pain of betrayal take to go away?

Do you ever get rid of that nagging feeling that this is all your fault?

Life has a way of taking your plans and making mince meat of them, so I guess I’ll just keep working diligently and hope for the best.

Relax and enjoy the ride, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Do I Really Have to Wear Shades?”

  1. Oh, I hope things work out for you after SIP! I don’t think always thinking “positively” is always the best route, sometimes you need some cynicism and a critical eye. Not everything is a bed of roses.

    1. I agree! I’m a “glass half full of mud” person. I try to think positively, but I’m aware that stuff is going on all the time.

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