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From 5 to 4.

Blog Challenge Day 4: Great Things That Come in Fours.

Confession: this is a bittersweet post.

Last time I did this challenge, I posted about my 4 Pugs.

Since then, we lost our eldest, Jordan.

We are down to 4 dogs total now, so I am going to gratuitously post some cute pics of them all.

Back: Mookie Front: Eli-Princess, Koko, Jack

We found our Yoda ears while cleaning, but they were too small for Eli-Princess.

This was taken after Jordan passed.. the first pic afterwards is always the most surreal.

Photo courtesy: Mini

A little filter..

Photo Courtesy: Mini

Anyone who knows me knows I have a TON more pictures, but this post is making me sad, so I’m leaving it at four pics 🙁


2 thoughts on “From 5 to 4.”

  1. Aw, your dogs are just adorable. I like how they will all be together for the photos!
    Losing a pet is never easy, I’m so sorry about your little one.

    1. Thank you! He was such a great dog and I miss him terribly. It’s amazing how all you have to do is hold up a treat and they stay still!

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