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Farewell, Old Friend!

After 15.5 years of kisses, cuddles and love.. our eldest Pug, Jordan, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week.

We didn’t know about rescues in 2004, so we found Jordan in a pet store. I remember looking at a bunch of pups and seeing all of them just go berserk at the sight of people.. except one.

This big tiny fawn head rested against the front of the cage. I tapped it and this little squished face with huge eyes turned and looked at me.

He wagged his tail and I instantly fell in love.

We took him to the booth and I remembered my mom once told me they should calm down instantly when you pick them up and run when you put them down.

I put the tiny blob on the floor, watched him run and bounce around then picked him up. He calmed down and gave us kisses immediately.

He loved to play in the snow, chew on bottles. Even as a pup, he could unscrew the cap on a Gatorade bottle in record time! I’ve never seen another dog do that.

He gave us 15 years of adorable pictures and memories.. like THIS gem on our TikTok.

His last few years were plagued with him losing his hearing, his sight, and full use of his back legs. Months ago, he was diagnosed with a collapsing trachea. We were devastated, but he was responding to medication.. until he didn’t.

It’s hard to believe he’s gone.

I miss how cute he looked when he slept.

Run free, Big J! We’re going to miss you!


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