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Farewell, Old Friend!

After 15.5 years of kisses, cuddles and love.. our eldest Pug, Jordan, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. We didn’t know about rescues in 2004, so we found Jordan in a pet store. I remember looking at a bunch of pups and seeing all of them just go berserk at the sight of people.. except […]

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Bad News Comes in Threes, Cute Things Come in Fours

I’m taking part of a blog challenge this month. At least, I’m going to try. Today’s theme is ‘Fours”. It got me thinking.. what do I have four of? PUGS! So here are some ridiculously cute collages starring my four babies. I try my best to put them in age order, so each collage is

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Time to Groom the Doggies!

  I received a discount on these gloves to complete this review. All opinions, pictures and jealous Puggins are all my own 🙂  For all you non-doggo owners, here’s a news flash: shedding season is in FULL effect! One of my Pugs has a really thick coat and when he sheds, you can tug/brush big

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How to Reduce Shedding in Just 10 Minutes

For anyone who doesn’t know, I have multiple dogs (4 Pugs and a Hound/Great Dane mix). Let me tell you how hard it is to keep my house fur-free. via GIPHYYou can buy all the vacuums you want, but it’s near impossible to keep up. So, what do you do? You find a good de-shedding

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Happy Love Your Pets Day!

We make no secret that we LOVE our pets here 🙂 We always welcome our visitors’ canine companions as well. The more the merrier! This is our squad (the very definition of “squad goals” if you ask me!): Eli-Princess just turned 4 and she is the big one in the back. Our Pugs are (from

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Mini’s First Loss

This week, I had to try a mommy hat on for size: grief counselor. I wasn’t sure exactly when I was going to have to do this, but it happened. By the time I was Mini’s age, I had already seen and been through more than you would believe, but Mini hasn’t experienced a loss

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Blog Challenge – Topic 10

An Animal I wrote a great post in May of last year about my obsession with rabbits.. You can find it HERE. Honestly, I don’t know how I can top that, but I’ll try 🙂 On second thought, maybe I will just post some videos of songs I like with animals in their titles.. In

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