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Time to Groom the Doggies!


I received a discount on these gloves to complete this review.

All opinions, pictures and jealous Puggins are all my own 🙂 

For all you non-doggo owners, here’s a news flash: shedding season is in FULL effect!

One of my Pugs has a really thick coat and when he sheds, you can tug/brush big tufts of hair from his butt. If I see it falling, I give it a light tug so he doesn’t eat it first. A good brush or grooming gloves are a MUST.

Grooming Gloves Review - Tina Bs World

I’ve purchased quite a few grooming tools over the years. More than I care to recall, actually.

Some were good, some not worth the price.

These gloves were FANTASTIC! I mean, wow. We got a good amount of hair even off the dogs with shorter hair.

We started off with Jordan, who has the most hair.

Grooming Gloves Review - Tina Bs World

Mini had a blast using this thing. It was so easy.

All you do is pet your dog.

The dogs LOVED it!  In fact, Mookie got mad when her turn was done. She kept trying to nose in on the other dog’s groomings. She’s our jealous one 🙂

Eli-Princess, our Coonhound/Great Dane Mix. She’s a shorthair, but we got a bunch of hair from her:

Grooming Gloves Review - Tina Bs World

Grooming Gloves Review - Tina Bs World

To clear the hair, all you have to do is rub the gloves back and forth over a garbage can. Easy-peasy.

Grooming Gloves Review - Tina Bs World

Simple to use and the dogs feel like they’re getting a mini massage, so none of them throw fits. Grooming made easy!

To purchase the gloves for yourself, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Time to Groom the Doggies!”

  1. I really like the idea of these! I had bought the furminator brush, but the one cat that loves to be combed (obsessed) with it is the one that doesnt need it, it actually almost gives her bald spots!!! I have another kitty that only likes to be combed briefly, and prefers pets so she might give these gloves a chance… Normally we give her a lions cut during the hot bay area summer.

    1. Our cat was actually terrified of the gloves. She wouldn’t let us near her until we took them off!
      If your cats won’t mind them, go for it. It’s certainly easier than using a Dustbuster every day 🙂

  2. I always wanted to get a pair of those gloves, but I never knew if they were a gimmick or not. Thanks a lot for showing the results you got on your dog, you’ve now convinced me to buy a pair for myself.

    1. They might be a gimmick, but they’re a really good one!
      I can’t recommend these enough. They’ve drastically cut down the shedding for us.

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