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It’s True.. I’m Always Right!

I received a discount from 5amily through Tomoson to complete this review. All opinions are my own.

I have a rather extensive mug collection. It cracks people up, considering my household consists of myself, my kid and my husband. If we used mugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week, we probably wouldn’t even have to rewash any.

Yep, that many.

I’m always on the lookout for new ones. They have to be unique or mean something to earn a spot in my coffee cupboard. Also? I like finding things with my name on them. You would think Tina is a semi-common name, but it’s not. In fact, when I tell people my name, their first question is usually “Is that short for something?”

Enter personalized items.

I have a few things I’ve ordered over the years, but I have to admit this mug is definitely in the top few.


Check this out:

5amily Mug Review - Tina Bs World


Not only is the mug beautiful, it has a cheeky little saying on it too.

The box it came in was the perfect size and had a cardboard cutout in it, so the mug fit snugly. No moving or risk of breaking with this packaging. Awesome!

So, back to my evening tea. It comes with snacks. Well, sometimes it does. When I drink the sleepy time tea, I don’t bother with the snacks cuz you know weird dreams and stuff.


5amily Mug Review - Tina Bs World


5amily Mug Review - Tina Bs World

Those are my two faves.

I like the size of the mug. 11 oz is perfect. It has a lightweight feel so it’s good for my arthritic hand.

You can check it out HERE and also, poke around the 5amily site to see what other awesome personalized gifts they have.

As a bonus, here is a $10 gift card you can use towards the purchase of this mug or any other product on their site. <- This is kind of like an affiliate link. If you click here and purchase, I get a little gift card too. Win-win!

5amily Mug Review - Tina Bs World

Happy Mugging!
5amily Mug Review - Tina Bs World

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