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Beautiful Thank You Notes!


I received these notes at a discount in exchange for my review.

All opinions, stories and pictures are my own.

I have said it before, but people who actually send thank you notes are my favorite type of people. When I recently received two thank you notes from people I had given gifts too, I was actually tempted to frame them!

Growing up, we had to send out thank yous before we could spend our birthday or holiday money.

I am HORRIBLE at reminding Mini to do so. Every holiday or birthday, I tell myself I will do better next time. A lot of next times come and go and yet,here we are.

I got a real kick out of the fact that the box these came in looks kinda like an envelope.

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

In this set, you get 25 cards, brown paper envelopes and some gorgeous seals for the backs of the envelopes.

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

The outside of the cards have a glossy finish, while the inside is matte, making it easy to use your favorite pen or pencil to write.

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

Personal preference: I love brown paper envelopes. They make stickers and decorations pop.

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

The seals are, as I said, gorgeous! The seal flowers match and compliment the front of the cards perfectly.

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

I love this set!

It’s such a pretty design and would look lovely displayed on someone’s mantel or coffee table, so get to writing! 🙂

Floral Thank You Notes Review - Tina BS World

Some thank yous have already been sent out and they were long overdue!

You can get your own set HERE.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Thank You Notes!”

  1. As a kid I use to find thank you notes annoying (to write)… but as an adult, I get the reasoning behind them! It’s just nice knowing that the person you sent the gift to received it and acknowledged your effort. Though I’d be grateful enough for a simple facebook message, ha. I’d fall about if one of my nephews actually hand wrote me something!

    1. I was annoyed as a kid too. I love them now! It’s one of those things you just don’t appreciate until you get older, I guess!

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