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Time to Organize the Trunk of My Car!

In an effort to organize everything, I have jumped at the chance to review organizers from Tomoson for either a deep discount or completely free. This one was a discounted item and all opinions and pictures you are about to read and see are my own.

At times, It seems like we live in our cars and just drive all day.

For me, my husband and I are currently sharing my Traverse, since his Equinox died (Rest in peace, Silver Bullet!). I have OT three days a week and PTA responsibilities. He has work. Needless to say, the car gets messy. VERY messy.

We’re pretty much always on the go.

The front and middle seats kind of stay neat. I feel like I’m the only one who knows what a GARBAGE BIN is at times, but I digress. The part of the car that gets beat up the most? The trunk.

EVERYTHING just seems to get thrown back there. Cleaning supplies, extra napkins or paper towels, air fresheners, reusable bags.. the list goes on.

So what do you do?

Get organized!

This Seat Back Organizer from INNX was a great solution! Our cleaning supplies are up off the floor and I don’t have to worry about throwing anything on top of it and setting of the spray. Excuse the dirty mats.. we took a ride with our dogs right before this. 🙂

INNX Seat Back Organizer Review - Tina Bs World


The mesh panels/pockets were pretty wide. They were big enough to hold a big bottle of Windex and I’m sure I could have filled the pockets a bit more, but these are the items that cause the biggest messes in my car.

INNX Seat Back Organizer Review - Tina Bs World

We didn’t even fasten it really securely to the seat just yet. I wanted to test out the strength of our basics. Reusable bags are a must (they charge for plastic bags here now!). This one is the just-in-case one I always have in my car, but now there is plenty of room at the bottom of the trunk for the bigger ones.

If you secure this thing tightly, you could probably overload it with pretty much whatever you wanted.

On road trips, it would fit perfectly behind the front seat to fit electronics, snacks, books, etc.

INNX Seat Back Organizer Review - Tina Bs World

Overall, I’m definitely recommending this organizer. You can get yours HERE.

If you’re interested in testing out products for a discount or free, check out Tomoson HERE.

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