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ID Simply Pure Creamer Review

I was given a coupon for a free creamer and additional coupons, as well as 4 awesome coasters in exchange for my honest review.


I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how excited I was for this campaign!

I’m already a HUGE international Delight fan and a proud member of their online community. Have you tried their iced coffees yet? Well you should! They’re heaven in a carton.

I had heard about Simply Pure creamer, but hadn’t gotten a chance to try it yet.. until the campaign came along.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a coffee and creamer person. I love mixing new flavors together and seeing what I can come up with.

I found THE perfect combination so far.. Take ID Light Caramel Macchiato and add Simply Pure Caramel creamer.

Oh. Em. Coffeegasm.


I used my glass mug so I could see the flavors swirling together.  I think this is the fastest cup of coffee I’ve ever drained. I just wolfed it down.

[Tweet “If you’re a coffee fan or a fan of recipes using creamer, I highly recommend ID’s Simply Pure creamers.”]

If you’re a coffee fan or a fan of recipes using creamer, I highly recommend ID’s Simply Pure creamers. It is also available in Hazelnut and Vanilla.. and I look forward to trying them both. it has the perfect amount of sweetness with only 5 ingredients.. REAL skim milk, cream, real cane sugar, natural (caramel) flavor and guar gum. It’s also gluten-free in case you follow a gf diet. I absolutely LOVE it and it’s now my new go-to.

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  1. I love that there’s only 5 and that they’re real ingredients! I always feel so much better about putting good stuff in my body. Thanks for sharing!

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