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Mini Monday – Post 9 – Mars Project

Hello Everyone!</p>

I got a perfect score on my project about the planet Mars and I am so happy!

Our project was making a brochure about whatever planet we wanted to. I love all the planets and I want to visit them all someday. Mommy and Daddy bought me a book called “Earth & Space” because I kept taking it out at the school library. I read the book all the time and love it all.

When I came home with the project paper, Mommy read it to see what information I needed then showed me a lot of brochures. I was excited to do one but I was not happy about all the writing.

Mommy made me feel better by telling me I could use her scrapbook markers. I LOVE those markers!!! They are so pretty and they write so nice. I’m not allowed to use them to color but this was a special project.

I came up with the folding design for the brochure and Mommy was very impressed with me! It is folded not normally.

We had to use a scissor to hold it closed!

My awesome folding:

I bet I blew your mind!

The back.. with my 4/4 score!!

It is like a real ad for Mars!

The most writing was done in the unfolded middle. It was just SO MUCH WRITING!!! I had to put all of the facts and information from the assignment paper into it. Mommy let me decorate the fact dividers. That was so much fun!


I really had a fun time doing this project and I hope you had a fun time looking at my pictures and reading about it!

See you next time!


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