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Opal Apples Review

Thanks to BzzAgent, I was able to try and review some Opal Apples with some coupons they sent me. They also sent me this handy-dandy cutting board as well.

This is all that was left of the apples we tried!

We love our apples! Red, green, yellow… we love them all. I’m always excited to see new brands and eager to try. I didn’t even know Opal Apples existed, so I’m glad I was chosen for this campaign.


They were crisp and tart, just like an apple should be.

I admit I was skeptical when I was purchasing them. They were a touch pricier than our normal brands, but definitely worth every penny. I also didn’t believe that these apples don’t brown when they’re cut. Well, they don’t. I accidentally left a piece out and forgot about it. I was shocked that it looked and tasted normal when I found it later.

Aside than being delicious, Opal Apples are also part of a great cause. A portion of their sales goes to Youth Make A Difference grants. Those grants support youth-led food, nutrition and agriculture non-profits. Check out their statement HERE.

CLICK HERE to find a list of places Opal Apples are available near you and enjoy these awesome apples while supporting a great cause!

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