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Baby’s First Planner

Okay. You got me..

Mini’s not a baby. BUT this is her first planner, so it still works!

Since I discovered my love of planners and printables a few years ago, Mini has yet to express an interest in any of them. When we were going over her Christmas list a few months back, she asked for a day planner. I searched a lot of sites and didn’t found one that I thought Mini would love…

THEN I saw this headline in my inbox: “Minecraft T-Shirt Giveaway {and Freebie}”

Intrigued, I clicked the link and it landed me HERE at one of my fave blogger’s sites!

~Confession: Even when I subscribe to updates, I sometimes just skim the emails if I’m in a rush and don’t always pay attention to the bottom part. DO NOT make this mistake!! Any subscriber freebies offered are usually at the bottom part of the emails!~

The “Freebie” was a Minecraft-themed Planner! HUZZAH! Mini has been nuts about this game for months and I knew she would love this.

The best part? I got to break in my new binding machine! I always get excited about my new toys..


I printed up the pages and put them together..


The pics are a bit blurry, but the detail and the amazing colors of this planner were (according to Mini) “exactly what they should be”.  If I get permission from the creator of these printables, I will post full photos.

Since Mini loves nothing more than notes, I made sure to print out a “notes” page for each month and a bunch of additional ones for the end of the binder. The end blue page was a piece of cardstock I had that perfectly complemented the blue flecks in the border.

Look how happy my baby is right now!

2015-01-01 12.09.40

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