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tips to getting work done when your kids are home with you

Tips to Getting Work Done When Your Kids Are Home With You

This post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase through the links, I receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support. Work + Kids = Problem! There’s no doubt about that. Getting ANYTHING done with the kids underfoot sometimes seems impossible. Being able to work efficiently while …

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Be My Guest!

Blog Challenge Day 28: Guest Post For this post, I decided to ask Davina to answer the questions from our Monthly Activity Kit for April (update: our monthly kits aren’t available anymore, but our 2021 kit is HERE). Here are her answers: 1.How did you meet your first best friend? School. I meet all my …

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What Did You Just Ask Me?

Blog Challenge Day 24: An Interview. For this post, I decided to let Mini ask me five questions. Here goes.. 1. Why the name Davina? Confession: growing up, I idolized (in secret of course – my religious parents would have flipped over my idolization) Princess Diana. Her nickname was Di, so I knew that’s what …

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Since I’m Not Triskaidekaphobic..

Blog Challenge Day 13: Are you superstitious? Is 13 a “bad” number to you? via GIPHY If I was superstitious, I would assume I have a year of bad luck coming up, as Mini turns 13 in June. Back in January, one of those “ask your kid these questions” things came up and we decided …

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My Day, According to My Kid

Blog Challenge: A Day in the Life. Write about what your day is like. I decided to let Mini answer a few questions about my day. Let’s see how accurate she is: What do I do all day? “Work, sleep, eat.” <- she’s right – my life is super exciting! What is my favorite breakfast? …

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Talk to Your Tweens

Today’s Blog Challenge topic was “One Piece of Advice”. Middle School is a scary time. Changing classes, harder work, homework on the weekends, less fun more serious. You go from being the fun parent to being lame. “Mom, why are you on TikTok?” <- Ummm because the dogs are funny! The hormones are going berserk. …

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