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Chatterbox: Mabel’s Labels Review

Some of you might be familiar with the House Party website. They give you packs of awesome stuff to throw a party with and you post about it.

I have hosted two parties with them. I am a dummy and keep forgetting to take better pics, but I am going to do better. Promise!

They also have a Chatterbox program, where they send you awesome Chat Packs to review and post about. I have tried some Dove hair products, illy k-cups and Doggy Dentastix to name a few items.

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This Chatterbox was from Mabel’s Labels.

I have been dying to try the labels, but with spending cuts we’ve made, labels just weren’t in the budget. I was pumped for this Chatterbox though!

I was sent a coupon code to use on the Mabel’s Labels site that gave me an Ultimate Back to School Combo for free! We went with a Science theme because we’re super proud nerds 🙂

First off, the Mini Tags. I loved the brilliant blue of these. The colors just popped. Mini has decided these will be her backpack’s zipper pull 🙂

Chatterbox: Mabel's Labels Review - Tina B's World

Next, the Custom Shoe Stickers. Circular and perfect for crayon, colored pencil and marker boxes too!

Chatterbox: Mabel's Labels Review - Tina B's World

Next, the Mini Custom Name Stickers. Perfect for pens and markers.

Chatterbox: Mabel's Labels Review - Tina B's World

Last, but certainly not least, the Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels. These are a great size to stick on clothing tags, but also for labeling individual pencils (because I’m crazy like that).

Chatterbox: Mabel's Labels Review - Tina B's World

Not only are these stickers cute, they are insanely durable. I scratched them with my nail several times and not a scratch mark on them. I can’t wait to see how they hold up during the year! 🙂

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