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My Day, According to My Kid

Blog Challenge: A Day in the Life. Write about what your day is like.

I decided to let Mini answer a few questions about my day.

Let’s see how accurate she is:

What do I do all day?

“Work, sleep, eat.” <- she’s right – my life is super exciting!

What is my favorite breakfast?

“French toast from the diner. With bacon and more bacon.” <- I do love bacon.. but I prefer the french toast from the local sandwich shop.

How much coffee do I have?

“Too much!” <- Hey! I resemble that remark..

What kind of background noise do I have going?

“Anything that comes up on Spotify. All that paranormal stuff too.” <- Accurate. Music or “Ghost Adventures” if it’s on.

Well.. there you have it.

What does a day in your life look like?

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