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True Story: I Scared A Ghost Out of My House

Blog Challenge: Tell a story.

I think this is interesting.. maybe you will too.

When we first bought our house in 2011, I knew it was haunted. I never felt threatened or uncomfortable, but eventually it became bothersome.

Mini was in morning UPK so we had to pick her up and drop her off. Her father would drop her off and I would pick her up. I would use the morning to check email or social media on my laptop. Most of the time, I did this from the comfort of my bed.

Every morning, I would kiss Mini goodbye and then get back into bed with my laptop.

Around 15 minutes after Mini would leave, the footsteps would start. The heavy fireman boot steps would start right near the front door. They would trudge up the stairs, then across the landing.

I’d listen and sometimes check, but there was nothing there.

One day, I wasn’t feeling well and had decided to rest. That particular morning, the footsteps came up the stairs and crossed the landing as they did every day. Instead of stopping, they continued into my room (the master bedroom). I felt a weight on the end of the bed as if someone had sat down.

This continued for a few days.

Finally, I thought I’d be bold and try to communicate. I’ve watched ghost shows – I can do this.

So when I felt the bed move and whatever it was sit down, I said “Hello?”

The bed shook as if I had startled someone.

Then silence.

It never happened again.

Looking back, I wish I had access to some kind of equipment to try and communicate.

So that’s my story.

What’s your ghost story?

2 thoughts on “True Story: I Scared A Ghost Out of My House”

  1. Oh wow, you tell this so calmly!!! I don’t know if I would be that nonchalant if I had a ghost in my house. Anytime there is a weird noise I don’t know, it’s always cats. ALWAYS.
    Also, I bought my house in 2011 too! #housebuyingbuddies

    1. I knew the house was haunted before we even bought it. I was prepped for whatever happened, so I guess it wasn’t a huge deal for me.

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