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Talk to Your Tweens

Today’s Blog Challenge topic was “One Piece of Advice”.

Middle School is a scary time.

Changing classes, harder work, homework on the weekends, less fun more serious.

You go from being the fun parent to being lame.

“Mom, why are you on TikTok?” <- Ummm because the dogs are funny!

The hormones are going berserk.

Your magazines start disappearing (you know the ones).

The internet searches get.. well.. interesting?

While I’ve called my Mom and apologized about a dozen times, I’m actually loving this time!


Because Mini and I talk. A lot. About everything. I don’t shy away from any subject.. because deep down, I know if I don’t answer her questions, the internet will.

It’s interesting seeing this whole puberty milestone through fresh eyes. I have been given graphic descriptions of how a period looks and feels. Mini is taller than me now and it was hilarious that she could reach the roof of the garage at IKEA and I couldn’t. She says it’s weird, but I knew it was coming.

My piece of advice is to try your best to answer any questions they have and just talk.

The suicide rates among this age group are upsetting and it’s more important than ever that our kids know they can come to us about anything. It’s super hard to hear how frustrated they are and not be able to fix it because we’re trying to foster independence, but I just want to hold my baby girl and talk.

Even if it’s the “lame” thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Talk to Your Tweens”

    1. Thank you! I do miss her being little: cute, cuddly, didn’t talk back.. but I do love reliving my own tweens/teens. It’s been fun!

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