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Dresses and Disappointments

It’s that time of year again! Yup, that time Mini absolutely loves.. dress shopping time!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my beautiful 6yo, you are not aware of her love affair with dresses. I wish there was enough space to write how much she loves getting dressed up, especially for pictures.

Of course, I’m being completely sarcastic. Getting Mini to don a dress is like pulling teeth, but at least you get to be numbed or put under anesthesia for that. We decide what store to go with and I hold up dress after dress, skirt and cardigan outfit after outfit. When she finally begrudgingly chooses one, the next task is finding tights and shoes. Luckily, the shoes we bought for my cousin’s wedding in September still miraculously fit. YAY!

We picked out a cardigan and skirt from Target and stockings, with Mini rolling her eyes and complaining most of the way home. I don’t care, kid. I only make you do this twice a year so can it! Once we are actually taking the pics, she is like a little model. Really, she’s a pro and produces some amazing shots. She smiles and bats her eyes and the photographers love her, as does the camera. All that bitching and moaning for nothing!

Now for the disappointment..

Last weekend, we were supposed to go visit my Grandma (Mini’s Great Gma) upstate with some other family members. Mini was pumped to stay in a hotel and get to see Grandma’s new place. The suitcases were in the car and we had just finished packing Mini’s snack and activity bin for the trip when the phone rang. Apparently, Grandma had called my Mom and told her they were getting a blizzard and we should shoot for next weekend.

When I broke the news to Mini, she just broke down. She was so excited and it was such a letdown for her. I felt horrible even though it was out of my control. I watched as she put all the snacks away from the bin. She put all her coloring books and crayon sets back as well. As she did this, she would stop every few minutes and cry or just sigh heavily.

We are hoping to be able to make the trip next weekend and I hope we can. I’d hate to do this all over again. I did my best to make the weekend fun and I think I did. When she went to bed Sunday night, she kissed me and told me that she was still sad about the hotel but she loved her weekend anyway.

Moments like that remind me why I love being a mom. Love this kid!

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