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Mini Meets Up With Santa

We missed the annual “Breakfast with Santa” at the local Fire Department due to snow 🙁

Mini was pretty disappointed but understood. Does she believe in Santa? She believes he is a character in books. She doesn’t believe he brings her presents. She figured out that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny *ahem* work out of the same office. She had gone to Walgreen’s with her father that afternoon and low and behold, there’s Santa! Yay!

“Barbie, Bieber and Beyond” has a hilarious post about kids who are not too pleased to be sitting on Santa’s lap. I give these Santas credit for not losing it! Mini is a bit older than those kids, but considering how incredibly shy she used to be, this is great to see. When we saw Santa at the FD’s tree lighting last year, Mini wouldn’t even speak to him. She just nodded at everything he said.

Here is a pic of the pic Mini took with Santa:



It’s a keeper!

4 thoughts on “Mini Meets Up With Santa”

  1. I’d love to hear more about how you handle Santa! I read in your About Me that y’all don’t work him in, and we’d like to do a secular Christmas without the Santa focus. Have you ever blogged about that? I’m going through your past entries to see, but if not, I’d love to hear how y’all celebrate your holidays. 🙂

    (Stephanie from The Mocking Mommy here, checking you out from Bloggy Moms!)

    1. I never thought about doing that in a blog post! Hmm maybe I should. I don’t usually get asked how we do it, just told that I’m not doing Mini any favors by excluding Santa. I will think about how to write it and post soon. Thanks for commenting and the great idea!

      1. Wow, that’s a pretty strong opinion some people have there! My husband grew up without a Santa (Jewish), and he turned out fine! We’re still debating if we want to do the Santa thing at all, erring on the side of “Eh, not really” at the moment, lol. I’d love to read up on how y’all do Christmas without Santa, I think it’d be helpful to us!

        1. People really are mostly jerks about it. I’m getting all these “innocence of youth” lectures. Whatever! To each his own, you know?

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